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Kellys food diary

Day 1

Breakfast - crunchy nut clusters and semi skimmed milk
Drink - tea with 2 sugars
Lunch - ww chicken soup and 2 slices of buttered bread
Drink - large glass water
to be continued.......


Mummy of 2!
i keep a diary too!!! makes me really conscious of what im eating and therefore think twice eating the junk!

good luck :D
i hope it works i dont wanna put on 4stone like i did with my first lol!

Breakfast- 2 wheatabix with semi skimmed milk and a sprinkling of sugar

Lunch - 2 poached eggs on 1 toast

Dinner - fish in sauce with rice and veg....mmmmm cant wait for that!!


Gold Member
You are doing really well with your weight;)


Mummy of 2!
hmm i love fish in sauce! especially the frozen jobbys. they are pretty low cal too...i bought some today and think it will be dinner tomorrow:D
thank you! to be honest im not really trying this baby really want me to eat healthy lol. I love the frozen fish in sauce, the new frozen ones are really nice aswell and asda have them on offer at the moment! Yummy!!

Breakfast - 2 poached eggs on 1 toast

Lunch - home made chicken and veg soup and a crusty roll

Dinner - Oops Mcdonalds chicken sandwich and fries :-( a weekly treat i supose!
think ive been eating too many eggs so im gonna try to cut them out to 4 eggs a week if i can....i love them!! also i dont think ive actually been eating enough so im gonna try to have more snacks but healthy ones.

Breakfast - coco pops and semi skimmed milk

2Xtea with 2 sugars

Lunch - ww tomato soup...no bread as we ran out and i cant be bothered to go to the shop lol how lazy of me!!

Dinner - undecided............to be continued........
Yesterdays continued....

Dinner - gammon egg and chips! sooo yum!

snack - small slice chocolate roll thingy


Breakfast - coco pops and skimmed milk

Lunch - toasted tuna and mayo sandwich with salad

note to self - DRINK MORE WATER NOT TEA!!!!!
Dinner - chicken with cheese inside wrapped in bacon with pasta....really not very healthy but im generaly good so i dont even feel guilty lol!

Snack - small 100 cal chocolate bar

Heres to hoping i can be a little better 2mora! xx
i have been really bad over the weekend eating pretty much everything in sight so i wont list it all but ill expect a weight gain this week lol.

Breakfast - 2 egg ommelett(sorry sp)

Lunch - chicken stir fry - no sauce just good old veg and chicken


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Your body must be needing it....... Your weight from before conception to now is brilliant...so dont beat your self up about it x
Maybe my body needed it or maybe im a pig lol but back on track today.

Dinner - chicken in sweet and sour sauce with rice

Snacks - pear, apple
Breakfast - 2 wheetbix with skimmed milk and a sprinkling of sugar

Lunch - 1 and half toasted tuna sandwichs

Dinner - jacket potato with chicken tika filling
Breakfast - wheetabix with bananna and semi skimmed milk

Lunch - Jacket potato with tuna, cucumber and tomatos

Dinner - rice, lamb chop and veg
so ive decided im not watching what i eat over the weekend!!

Breakfast - 3...yes 3!!! wheatabix and semi skimmed milk

Lunch - 2 toast 2 poached eggs

Snacks - magnum...yum!! tea a biscutes(sorry sp!)

Dinner - really not hungry so not gonna force myself!

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