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  1. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Hi guys thought I'd start a diary.

    Starting weight on 18.01.13 was 20 stone exactly.... Ouch!
    Ok bit of background about me. I'm 25, live in Sussex and am trying SF to get rid of as much weight as I can for my holiday in June.

    Here's what I had yesterday on my first day:

    Breakfast: premade chocolate shake
    Snack- ww tomato soup - 76 calories
    Lunch: chocolate crunch meal bar
    Snack- graze popcorn 98 calories
    Dinner- homemade chilli with brown rice and with leeks and cabbage.
    Snack- SF chocolate nougat snack bar and low cal jelly -103 cals

    Drinks was diet coke, and nas squash.

    Exercise: 15 minutes bike, 15 minutes treadmill
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  3. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Day 2: weight- 19st 11.5lbs a loss of 2.5lbs! :)

    Breakfast- banana shake made up from tin
    Snack- will be ww soup again -76 cals (ideal for this snowy weather!)
    Lunch- will be a choc crunch bar
    Snack- not yet decided maybe some SF pretzels
    Dinner- not sure yet, will see what the boyfriend wants tonight
    Snack- low cal jelly and SF snack bar (put them
    In the freezer so they take longer to eat lol)

    Exercise: will do 10 min cross trainer 10 min bike 10 min treadmill.
  4. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Day. 3- weight- 19 stone 9.5lbs a loss of 4.5lbs

    Breakfast: strawberry shake made up from tin
    Snack- ainsley Harriet mushroom soup cup a soup- 87 calories
    Lunch- chocolate crunch meal bar
    Snack- 3 corn thins (75cals) light soft cheese (25 cals)
    Dinner- home made beef stew with loads of veggies!
    Snack- SF snack bar, low cal jelly - 103 cals

    Finding this very easy and I'm very happy with the weight lost so far!
  5. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Day 4: weight 19 st 9lb - loss of 5lbs

    Breakfast: banana shake made from tin
    Snack- ww soup 76 cals
    Lunch- chocolate crunch meal bar
    Snack- 4 corn thins plain 2 carrots
    Dinner- not sure yet
    Snack- SF snack bar

    Exercise: josie Gibson DVD.
  6. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Day 5: weight 19st 9.8lbs- small gain due to over eating last night so completely fine with that. Still lost 4.2lbs since fri

    Breakfast- choc shake
    Snack- soup 76 cals
    Lunch- meal bar
    Snack- corn thins x 4
    Dinner- beef stew
    Snack- SF snack bar and jelly

    Exercise: will do 15 min bike 15 min treadmill and squats with weights
  7. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    A week ago today I started slim fast. I would have expected it to be a bigger loss but as I over ate too many times this week (in the evenings after dinner) I'm not to worried about it. So total loss in week one is 4.2lbs.

    Today's meals :
    B: choc shake
    S: nothing I eat it with lunch so work don't catch on to what I'm doing (judgemental type)
    L: ww tomato soup 76 cals (would b snack) and meal bar
    S: velvet crunch with celery sticks
    D: chicken and spinach curry with rice and veg( will work out cals later)
    S: Special K biscuit moments 99cal

    Exercise: treadmill and bike for 15 minutes each
  8. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    Hiya, here to support back :D 4.2lb is fab! Nice one! X
  9. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    I was going to ask that about having snacks with meals as my mum is a nightmare when I mention diets so when I spend the day there Saturday I was going to have a banana & cereal bar (2 x snacks for breakfast) a ready meal or something for lunch (my 600k meal) then have my 2 shakes & final snack at home in the evening... Should this work?!?
  10. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Hi ya. I think that should be fine hun. It's only one day and it's around the same calories just swapping meals around so i think you should be fine. :) x
  11. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    Brill, thankyou :D x
  12. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Day 9. Weight 19 st 9.6lb - 4.4lb lost so far

    Breakfast- banana shake made from tin
    Snack- having it with lunch
    Lunch- meal bar, ww soup and small salad.
    Snack- velvet crunch and celery sticks
    Dinner- chicken Caesar salad with new potatoes ( home made will work out the cals later)
    Snack- ww yogurt (50) 3 mini meringues (60)
  13. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Day 11- weight 19 st 7.8 lbs loss of 6.2 lbs

    Fell off the diet sat night and Sunday day but still managed to lose some weight :-D

    Back on it today!
    B: choc shake
    S: will be tied in with lunch
    L: meal bar and ww tomato soup (snack)
    S: corn thins plain x 5
    D: ww ready meal and lots of veg
    S: ice lolly and jelly
  14. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Dinner tonight changed to gammon steak with sweet potato chips broccoli and a fry light egg.
  15. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    B: choc shake

    S: had it with lunch

    L: ww Tom soup (76 cals snack) small salad (25 cals snack) meal bar

    S: 1 carrot and 4 corn thins

    D: chicken Caesar salad with new potatoes

    S: ww vienetta dessert - 111 cals
  16. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Haven't updated in a while. Been feeling really poorly so came off the diet for few days. Have woken up feeling very very sick. :-( hoping the medicine I just had will work. Back to diet tomo if I'm feeling better.

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