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Keto stix omg!


is looking forward
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Hello all just wanted to share that I went into boots today and asked for some Keto sticks and I really wish I never bothered as the pharmacist there gave me a right ear bashing about how they don't sell them cause they dont promote fad diets! and that Ketosis is a really unhealthy state for our bodies to be in and im harming myself.
Gosh I wish i'd never bothered asking them now I left there feeling deflated and depressed !
So anyways where else sells them pls xx:mad:
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I get mine from my cdc. Am sure if you ask your CDC will let you have/buy some.
Hi I bought mine from boots with no hassle what so ever - I'm not sure but I believe the chemists sell them best just to ask around sorry not much help x
Hi Daisydoo, Just wanted to say that I asked for some at Boots yesterday and got looked at as if I had troden in something!!! I felt a bit small and embarrassed and just shuffled out of the shop!!!! So you are not alone!!!! I thought that I might just ask my CDC, look on ebay or even just forget about them! X


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I got mine from Boots, the lady I asked didn't know what they were so asked some else and she went out the back brought them to me, no hassle. Sorry you had to put up with an ear bashing.


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i get mine from tesco pharmacy too, however if you get that response again just tell them to mind their own business !!!


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got mine from ebay, £3.98 for a tub... ;)
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Bloody busy bodies isnt it our decision what we do with our own bodies-bet she was stick thin too!! Try the internet im sure you will get them without hassle then xxx


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Definitely ebay.
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I'd email Boots to complain about that tbh - they have no right to lecture and make you feel small!! You're a paying customer asking for a product.

Ive yet to go and buy them in the local chemist - god help anyone that speaks to me like that in the shop though....im ready for it lol


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I am going for some today and if im spoken too like that they will know all about it :)


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I don’t see shops giving out lecturers or advise on health issues when selling , Cigarettes or alcohol ... totally uncalled for and none of their business, i saw a website yesterday you can get 100 for around £6 have a little search i don’t use them any more get too additive if your doing diet correct your definitely be in ketosis !:p


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These same chemists are selling Alli and other diet things over their counter haha

bampots x
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That was totally uncalled for!! Sorry you had go through that, not very nice at all. I got mine from my CDC or as others have suggested try Ebay xx
Gosh in all the time I've bought Ketostix, I've never encountered this. It must be my demeanour.

Someone excellently pointed out that people aren't lectured when buying other products; cigarettes, morning after pill, alcohol so some smart arse in Boots has no right to make you feel bad. I only wish you had the strength to have told her to mind her own business.

Again as others have said I can only implore you to write to Alliance Boots and complain about the service you received!
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THink I read on a similar thread once that one woman was asked by a nosy assistant 'what do you want them for?'. 'To p*ss on' was her reply. loool.

I've been given the inquisition also but I just say im buying them for my diabetic FIL or just for someone else and i don't even know what they are!
I got an ear bashing once from Boots and just told them I had only come in to purchase them, not for his advice. I got mine from Lloyds in the end. CDC's do sell them, but also some dieters never use them.
Hope u have recovered from your ordeal!



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I had the same thing happen to me in Boots. When she finished her lecture I asked her quite haughtily " and how dangerous are p*ss sticks anyway"! I am not usually rude to store staff but I am sure had I pushed her further, she wouldn't have had a clue what ketosis was!!

Personally I walked out of the store and they didn't get my money that day.

Internets the best bet

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