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Hello, anyone who has read some of my other posts may have noticed that sometimes I am not the sharpest tool in the box, so I have YET ANOTHER silly question...


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and if so can you please tell me what color I should be if I am 'in the zone'!!

Thx & sorry for being so silly :)
Hiya Kazz

No such thing as a silly question on here!

The answer is that any change from the beige shows a positive result and ketones in your wee.

Therefore blush pink to purple is positive.

woohoo!! thx so now I am officially doing something right...yay yay yay!!

Oh, and I read your site last night, took forever and I was very tired this morning, but you have done absolutely amazing! And your looking pretty gorgeous in your after pics as well....I am so jealous of ur wife!!
Hi Kazz
As Mike has said no silly questions here,we all ask what we might think is a silly one but if you are not shore of something the only way to find out is to ask and you will always find some one here ready to reply
Are you in the pink yet?????
Well done ketosis on day 2, way to go !!!!!
Have to say I cant take all the credit myself....must put at least soem of that particular achievement down to some very good advice here on this site that I got from a few lovely peopls on saturday..but I cant name names in case I leave anyone out!!
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