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Ketone test Sticks...

Ebay? Or go to a chemists and ask but I have heard of some chemists being a bit funny about people buying them for low carb diets. They're not prescription only items though, so there's no reason why you can't buy them.
i got some last night in Tesco Pharmacy and they were £5 they asked me what i was using them for and i told them and they were fine.

JS x
I on my second day of using them and i went from light beige yesterday, to burgundy today. So all seems good, for weight loss this week.
Thanks girls, also is there a difference about being in ketosis? I mean does it make a difference to your weight loss? x
Ketosis means you're purely burning fat for energy. If doesn't differentiate between body fat and dietary fat though so if you're eating blocks of lard every day you could still be in ketosis but no one would be surprised if you didn't lose weight! If you're burning any carbs or sugar then the term Atkins uses is glycolysis, and you won't have ketones in your urine or breath.
So does that mean u may not lose weight but you're losing inches? x
Huh? If you're in ketosis then you're losing fat. That's all you can say. You may end up retaining water, maybe even gain weight and inches, but lose fat. Ketosis is the way the Cambridge Diet works. You drop the carbohydrates and calories low enough that you use up all your own stores of glycogen and start burning your own body fat, hence you lose weight. The protein is kept high enough so that lean muscle mass is protected.

Oh and I noticed the correct grammar ;) Good lass you're sending me to bed with a smile on my face x

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