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Hi all im now on day 4 of LT, alls going well. My question is, one of the sites i do is a clinic so they have given me a pot of the strips that they test your urine with, which has the colour chart for ketones, am i right in thinking the ideal colour is the middle pink, any darker means dehydration??
Also when is the best time of day to test, and how often?

Hope this makes sense :D

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I dont know about the colour thingy but yesterday the pharmacist said first morning wee will show you having stronger ketones becaue its concentrated from over the night, I would guess midday is about right, not drunk all 2 litres by then but would have had enough to not show dehydration. This is just a guess and I am sure someone more experienced will come along soon.
hi nic you totally right, any pink is good, the dark the more dehydrated you are, best time to check is i the morning when it should be darker anyway and you been sleeping x x
i have some ketostix too, best time is in the morning, that will tell u exactly where u are as u drink lots of water thru the day it will be more diluted! everyone is different so it doesnt matter how dark or light it is, as long as its pink (even traces) u know ur in ketosis and u will stay there untill u have carbs!!


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Thanks all for your quick replies.


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