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ketosis a little bit/alot out??


getting slimmer
can you get a little bit out out of ketosis, only just out.
say if you eat 4 chips.

and can you get REALLY out of ketosis,
say if you eat a whole portion of chips and a burger.

or if your out your out, no matter what.

does it take you the same amount of time to get back in, if youve eaten a little or a lot?? carbs.

i havent had any chips, just wondered!!

hope i make sense to someone!! xx
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makes sense tme, i often wonder the same. I think if its a little bit then its not as long to get back into it as there aren't as many stores.


getting slimmer
mmmmm...yeah, that makes sense! x


please try again
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all depends on how long it takes ur body to use up the stores so if uve had a wee bit extra carbs shouldnt take too long to get back in ( thats why some people dont seem to be knocked out, that wee bit has been used up before theyve checked ketones )
but if youve gone for overload then takes ur body longer to use it as there is more of it if that makes any sense


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i often wonder the same.....if say i was to go and have a big mac and fries washed down with the vanilla shake would it really knock me right out or could i pick up where i left off........all positive responses are gladly welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I've tested it out without knowing! I'm on SS+ and was in ketosis on Monday but had more than my veggie allowance and a few sugar free polos due to my 'death breath' (niiice!). It knocked me out of ketosis and I had a really rough day yesterday, feeling super moody, tired and irritable, but got back on track. Did a test this morning and I'm back in ketosis - feeling much better now. I think it would have taken much longer if I ate more, probably a couple of days like when I first started CD...but that's no excuse for cheating!!!

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