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Ketosis Advice.... Please!

Hi Everyone

I'm confused! My weight loss has been steady but last week at weigh in I purchased some Ketostiks and happily came home to try them but to my shock I am only showing traces of ketones and have just done another test four days on and still only showing traces. Having not cheated (hand on heart!) I wanted to know if anyone knows of any reason for this? Could it just be that I need to up my water intake?

Any advice would be greatly received!

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Different people secrete ketones at different levels. Thats why some on here complain of malty/smelly wee and some don't. As long as your losing tis all cool.
On the bright side least you dont stink x


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lol canky!!!! I havent bothered with those stick thingys. Just another thing to get me down if they are the wrong colour!!!!!!! Your still losing hun so I wouldnt worry. Nictastic is the Ketone meister tho x


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Are u using the special toothpaste from the chemist. A lot of toothpastes have an acid in them that can knock u out of ketoses. The LT dvd tells u about it. I use alodent or euthymol. Its worth looking into. Hope ur loss is better next week.


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i think it can depend on what time of the day you test 1st thing is best if you do it later on in the day all the water you have drunk can affect the test x


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Yep.....do the test first thing in the morning and you should see a nice pink (not purple) colour. If you are drinking the correct amount of water then it dilutes your urine and the ketones are not detected....so obviously later in the day it often shows a 'trace' result.

Stick with it. If you've not cheated then you are in ketosis.
Good luck.x


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As Shaz says, if you haven't cheated and are drinking plenty of water then you will only see ketones if you test first thing. If you find anything other than a trace of ketones at any other time then you aren't drinking enough water and need to up your intake.

I don't bother testing, as long as I'm losing that's good enough for me.



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All above completely agree with, I only test first thing in the morning and when I was on Lipo last year with my sister, she used to get to the almost purple, where I only just about saw traces but I still lost 7 stone in 18 weeks - so don't worry about how much you show so long as you are in ketosis

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