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Ketosis and body temp in hot weather?

I'm doing LL and living in the southern tropics so it's summer here at the mo and very hot. I thought that once I got into ketosis I would feel cooler but in fact I don't. I feel hotter and seem to be getting hot flushes. Sweating loads.
I've been discussing it with OH this evening and we reckoned that when it's chilly and you're in ketosis, your body tries to save energy by not keeping you as warm as usual, so you feel cold. He thought in a hot climate your body is working to cool you down not warm you up and that maybe therefore my body is trying to save calories by not cooling me as much as it would do otherwise.
Anyone got any idea if he's right? I thought it sounded plausible but then I thought that cooling you is far more essential than heating you as obviously getting your brain overheated say, is dangerous so surely the body is less likely to cut down on cooling than on heating?

I'd be interested to know the answer. Am I going to get cooler eventually or does it just not work like that in a hot climate? or maybe you only notice the drop when you're cold but it happens anyway? :confused:
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You do feel cooler yes, however being in a hot climate you are most likely feeling hotter due to that as you pointed out, the only way to gauge this is to look at how you felt before and how you feel now.

Believe me others would kill to feel hotter at times lol

Well done for finding the boards by the way and welcome on baord :)
Hello IB

Your post has only made me wonder why I'm not using my power of choice to desert this sinking ship the UK and live in the tropics myself. I've lived in hot countries before and always loved it. Luckily it was never when I was obese.
I'm sure Huseyin is right. The heat/cold thing is reversed for you - rather like water going the other way round down the plug hole the other side of the equator! That never ceases to amaze me.
Your post has only made me wonder why I'm not using my power of choice to desert this sinking ship the UK and live in the tropics myself.
Made me laugh! Must admit, it feels good. Laid-back lifestyle and somewhat insulated from the global recession. Also great place to raise a baby - can't imagine how different and more stressful our lives would be with baby if we were still in central London.
Where about's are you IB, just to make us all even more jealous! lol!

I'm really suffering from the "cold thing" and even tho its around 9 degrees today I am still huddled in a blanket whilst I am typing this ... fingers are white and nails purple!

Hope you feel a little cooler soon tho!
Its funny you know im actually thinking of moving to canada and setting up a life there.

I agree SB the UK is sinking and im starting to hate living in London especially these days. I actually never thought i would say that :(

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