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  1. missluvian

    missluvian Member

    I realise that even the most strong and self determined person can slip off SS every now and then.

    My question is, how does this affect your health to come on and off ketosis again and again?

    Does it affect your health, your metabolism or even your body going INTO ketosis if you get into it, eat and break it, then start again?

    I know its not ideal and affects hwo long your on the diet for etc, its just hypothetical. because i remember trying to start again a few months ago and id SS for 3 or 4 days, lose a few pounds, eat something, not put on weight, then start SS again and continue with weight loss...then come off again!in the end i realised i wasnt in the frame of mind to stick to it and i think its better to just really try and get into the swing of it rather than putting your body through the first few days over and over. But i do wonder what affect it has on your body and your ability to lose weight in the future.
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    I don't think it's particularly damaging from a physiological perspective. After all, people often go into ketosis at night even when they aren't on the diet.

    It wont affect metabolism as ketosis doesn't have anything to do with that. Calories do though, but on/off wont affect that either.

    It does the head in though ;)
  4. minx

    minx Full Member

    thats a good question miss! i've not got the foggiest but i know what you mean about the on-off-on-off dieting meaning after 2 weeks i've only lost and re-gained my glcogen and water 3 times lol :doh:
    i wouldnt think it would affect how you gain/lose weight in the future though. glycogen, like blood cell production is pretty much a never-ending cycle. i think my mind got more punishment from going in and out of ketosis on atkins etc. in the past hehe xx
  5. missluvian

    missluvian Member

    yeah i think maybe it affects your mind more than your body, its very hard to drum up first day excitement over and over!

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