Ketosis and PCOS :)

Discussion in 'Exante' started by strugglingtobeperfect, 30 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. strugglingtobeperfect

    strugglingtobeperfect Full Member

    I have PCOS and just wondered whether this would effect me going into ketosis.. is there anyone else who suffers with this?

    I'm on day 3 and havent had any signs of ketosis!

    Does this diet NEED you to go into ketosis or is it simply making it easier for people on the diet?


    Any info would be great thank youuu x
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  3. fayfe

    fayfe Silver Member

    From what I understand and I'm no expect ketosis means that your body is using fat for energy for me it means I don't have any hunger pangs and it makes the whole thing so much easier...not sure on the PCOS though sorry!
  4. strugglingtobeperfect

    strugglingtobeperfect Full Member

    ahh ok thanks fayfe! .. i can deal with the hunger pangs.. but do you know if you can you still lose weight even if you dnt hit ketosis.. i think thats the main thing for me!! x
  5. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    I have mild PCOS and found that it was slightly harder for me to get into ketosis than some others report. I'm not sure if this is related to PCOS though or the fact that i'm very inactive as i work from home on my computer all day (being active means you burn up your glycogen stores quicker, hence into ketosis faster). I haven't been on Exante long enough and consistently enough to reach ketosis yet but i suspect from looking at the amount of grams of carbs in the packs, that it will be harder for me to get into keto than on some other diets with less carbs. The carbs are around 54g a day on this diet, maybe slightly more if you add bars. I know for me this will probably only show up as very mild ketosis on the ketostix or maybe even only as trace readings... i think some diets use 30g a day as the threshold and i find i enter keto much easier/faster doing these.

    Now, i'm talking here merely about time taken to show a keto reading on the ketostix. Physically, i find hunger starts to diminish after the 3rd day is complete and i start getting carpet tongue and bad breath, which is usually some time (2 days or so) before ketosis shows on the sticks.

    I'm no medical expert, but one of the signs of PCOS is high testosterone levels. I have high testosterone levels myself and all the nasty side effects that come with that. But testosterone has one positive side effect which is that you also burn calories faster/lay down more muscle than those who are low on testosterone. So in theory at least, i feel that maybe keto should be reached quicker for people with PCOS than without. Not taking any medication into account of course.

    Hmm,... confusing...
  6. fayfe

    fayfe Silver Member

    It takes some people a little longer hun that's all it took me 5 days first time round - I'd imagine you should be able to lose but you'd want to be in ketosis especially if you're doing TS x
  7. strugglingtobeperfect

    strugglingtobeperfect Full Member

    Ohh dear having PCOS is confusing! :| lol - well i shall just grin a bare it.. i think my real fear is that i wont lose a stone in a month! i shall keep you all updated!

    i may actually send exante an email to find out if it has any effect :)

    thanks for you help so far! :)
  8. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    I have PCOS and its not made a bit of difference to getting into ketosis. Yes you can still lose on a VLCD if youre not in ketosis but stick to the plan and you WILL be in ketosis. Not being in it in 3 days is not at all unusual, some people take up to a week
  9. strugglingtobeperfect

    strugglingtobeperfect Full Member

    Ahh thank you starlight that clears a few things up for me!! well we shall see what happens after my first week... sunday is my weigh in!


    have you found your symptoms of PCOS have eased with this diet anyone? :) x
  10. *jenjen*

    *jenjen* I will do this...

    I have PCOS and I went into ketosis on the evening of day 4 and have been there ever since. My periods have returned, heavy but returned. Oily skin is better. I feel better in myself.

    Biggest side effect for me was difficulty in losing weight having the syndrome and literally the weight is falling off.

    I actually read a study which was performed on women with pcos and they put them on a ketogenic diet - they found hormone levels returned to normal and there was a high level of women in the study who fell pregnant.
  11. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    The one thing thats really bugging me is my periods are now regular as clockwork :mad: I hate that, I was quite happy having a couple a year thank you very much
  12. strugglingtobeperfect

    strugglingtobeperfect Full Member

    thats got to be a good thing right!!! - i havent had a regular one for ages.. ive taken myself off the pill and going to see if extane does it for me! :) lol thankyouuux
  13. strugglingtobeperfect

    strugglingtobeperfect Full Member

    its day four for me tomorrow so we shall see! my oily skin is quite bad at the moment hopefully i'll be all good very soon! how long did it take for the periods and the oily skin to clear up after you started exante.

    ooo if you could find the study could you send it me.. would be an interestin read!

    the preganacy thing has been a worry so hopefully that will be in the pipeline soon xxxxx
  14. *jenjen*

    *jenjen* I will do this...

    I lost 29lbs in month 1 and 18lbs just before I started (Egyptian tummy on holiday lol, I started Exante as soon as I came back... Tiz a bit embarrassing when the airport security point at your tummy and say "bambino"), it was straight away really that the periods started again.

    I think I bookmarked it on the laptop, I will check as soon as I can and forward the link to you.

    I'm sure ketosis will be along shortly xx
  15. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Depends on your perspective for me its not a good thing lol
  16. Princess_Ames

    Princess_Ames SW Junkie!

    I have PCOS. Didn't struggle to get into ketosis at all. I have lost a stone in 2 weeks.

    I hadn't had a period for i think it was 70 days. I had been on the diet 3 days and it returned. So it's been a blessing for me this diet has.

  17. *jenjen*

    *jenjen* I will do this...

  18. ReneveneR

    ReneveneR New Member

    Hi Jen I am new here. I also have PCOS, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism. I have started on the Ketogenic diet about 3 weeks ago. I have been in Ketosis about 3days after I started and am still in it. However my weight has not been going down yet. I dropped 3.3 in the 1st week, which I think was just a lot of fluids, and now it has stopped. Is that normal...? Will it get going? I don't know if my sugar levels are just adjusting still or if it is still hormones that are getting in line, but I am worried that I won't drop the weight... :/

    Also I've had my period ever since I started on this diet..Which is weird cause I NEVER get my period... Don't know if I should worry or be happy.

    Just wanted to know what you experienced.

    Thanks Rene

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