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ketosis and sole source plus


I have started the CD today on sole source plus (3 shakes and very small 200 cal meal). I see in the notes that they say sole source plus using 4 shakes and no food may be better for the first couple of weeks. The thing is I really still want to eat with my children. Should I still get into ketosis in 3 days?

Also, are sugar free polos and sugar free gum ok?

Debbie. x
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How long to get into ketosis does vary. For most people it can be 3-4 days.

It shouldn't really make a great deal of difference whether you do the 4 shakes, or the 3 with a meal....as far as ketosis is concerned anyway :)

All the best with CD. Fab diet ;)
Do you know why not the gum and mints? My Councellor said these are ok, but then again she has also started me with GP signature and knows I am not seeing GP for 3 weeks, so I'm not 100% confident in her.....
Thanks for this. The mints are scrapped now then! I am concerned my councellor said they are ok though and she munched her way through nearly a whole pack during my first consultation!

My BMI is 42 and I am on one tablet a day. She said it was ok to see my GP in a couple of weeks as I couldn't get an appointment. I'm sute the GP will sign it off though. On the health questionnaire I was ok and didn't tick any of the yes boxes except medication and BMI. I am seeing the Doctor a week on Tuesday, so hopefully it will be ok.
citalopram 30mg once a day
You can use any CD programme with this drug provided the GP Signs First this is really important. You need to contact your CDC again her/his insurance is invalid without this signature.

Try to get an earlier appointment with the GP. Your CDC should supply you with a letter, information for doctors booklet, sole source booklet and a medical record form completed with all your and their details.
Ok. She hasn't signed my forms herself. Do I need to be worried? My GP is on holiday, that's why I can't go sooner. I should be ok on it shouldn't I?
The bottom righthand side of your medical record form has to be signed by the CDC with all her information.

If you were my client you would not be starting until you had visited your GP. Best advice is to cut back on carbs and increase your water and do not start CD until you have seen your GP.

Contact your CDC again and ask her to sign your form and ensure you have all the correct documents for your GP.

The information I am giving you follows the CD policies and procedures to which all CDC's have to comply.


I take that medication and my gp was ok to sign it off, he did talk to me about how vlc diets can affect mood, but so far I am ok.. nothing out of the ordinary just experienced the normal ups and downs of being hungry.. but once that wore off I am much more energised and quite happy. I would not of done it without the GP's say so as I am on the medication for a reason.. good luck:)


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I agree with cdc above. I can see this may be a bit dissapointing as you've got yourself all ready to go as it were.
I'm sure you'll be all signed and sorted soon enough, but the whole reason we are doing this is to get a bit healthier. Start with health first and good luck, we will see you loosing before you know it.
Hiya Debbie,
i agree with linda my cdc would not let me start until i had the ok from my doctor after all it is for your own peace of mind to start knowing your ok to do so you will feel much better about it all
Good luck
maria x x
Linda do you think we (the clients) should be reporting these CDC's who do not follow correct procedure.

I am no longer on CD but my CDC never weighed or measured clients and often let family members sell the products on her behalf if she was not avaliable. Not to mention her philosophy of it being fine to eat in moderation as long as you kept your water intake up!

As I am no longer following the plan its none of my business but there are so many posts on here about CDC's not following guidelines
whether that be allowing non CD approved products like gum or more seriously overlooking the need for GP signature.

Do head office know this goes on. What action would be taken if a complaint was made. I wouldn't like to see anyone lose their job and I assume Cambridge want to have as many distributors as possible.

Any thoughts?

There is a set procedure in the case of client disatisfaction. If you go to the main Cambridge Diet Website you can read through the Code of Conduct.

If you feel your CDC is not fulfilling their obligations to you you can contact Head Office with your concerns.

Each case will be looked at confidentially and individually.
Hi. I really don't want to go through any of that. I am sure she was trying to be helpful to be honest!

Anyway panic over, kind of. I phone my GP practice today and discussed it and he was happy for me to do it and said medically there was no reason for me not to start. My own GP will sign it off when I see her in 2 weeks, not ideal in terms of paperwork, but at least I know it is safe for me to do it.:)

I really didn't want to stop now. I am officially on day 2 and feeling amazing! I really feel I got rid of the side effects during my reduction stage last week and I can't wait to see how well I do this week.

On another note..... I have today had an invite to a big posh black tie dinner for a friends 40th Birthday in a hotel. How should I plan for this, it's not for about 6 weeks, but I know I will want to eat and few a few drinkls on this occassion, but I don't want to get ill. Any advice on how to do it?

Thanks. x
I do understand how you feel, however, as I said earlier your CDC's insurance is invalid until the GP signs your form, isn't there another GP who can sign for you at the practice?

Have you discussed this with your CDC maybe they are unaware of this for some reason?

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