Ketosis - Being in and out of it....


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My friend and I both started CD at the same time, with the same starting weight (nearly, 5lb heavier me:sigh:)
Anyway, we are losing the same amount each week, except I am 100% SS and she is also on SS, but has a treat every day, when her family have chippy tea, she has a handful, a cake bar here, couple of crisps there (not that food in one day, over the course of the week).....
So my question is.... she goes in and out of Ketosis a few times a week, surely this is not good for her ??
I know she will lose weight becasue although she has a treat most days, she is still on a VLCD, I just cant get my head round the Ketosis thing.....

Anyone ???

Thanks guys...
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not sure really - but don't think it is a good idea, she might be lucky an be able to stay in ketosis with her cheats - I know I wouldn't. some people are just lucky - I have a friend that did ww with me - she would coem and say I've had choc, ice cream etc, and she'd lose two pounds -I would stick to it 100% and either ss or gain - no justice I guess!
Not sure if this helps but I am sure someone will be round shortly with a more reasonable suggestion!


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Thanks Dogtanion,
She knows she is being knocked out of ketosis as she tests everyday :confused:
she puts it down to drinking loads of water, about 5 litres a day !!

I just dont think health wise it can be ok to do this ??


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For 1 people have different boddies which react to stuff completely different and 2 the tests are innacurate, I bought some ages ago and didnt get a ketosis reading once although I was clearly in. By sticking at it you are going to be the stronger minded when it comes to controlling your eating again as you wont of been scoffing junk along the way.


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Well good on her if she can do it and still loose weight.

Different bodies react differently, but if she has a snack everyday then chances are she isn't going in and out of Ketosis, rather not really getting into the zone properly.

People who are not on diets go in and out of ketosis in the course of a day anyway, I really wouldn't worry. She is doing what she has to to stick on the plan and it is working for her, and that is great.


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Don't try to get your head around ketosis. We are not on the Atkins diet, which relies heavily on ketosis. We only ever go into light ketosis because the meal replacements all contain carbs (between 10-24g) so we never really go into the kind of ketosis that you do on Atkins (where you eat less than 20grams of carbs a day).

First and foremost, we are on a vlcd. That is why we lose weight. And, as you say, that is why your friend still loses weight, because even with her "treats" she is still on a fairly low calorie diet. Mild ketosis just helps with the hunger pangs.


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she will lose weight but she can't be feeling great if she's going in and out of ketosis. she must be spending all her time feeling ravenous!!

abz xx