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Ketosis has saved me from curry!!

Husband just phoned and asked if I wanted to go out tonight. I said no but I was swithering. Anyway I tried a ketostix to see if I was there yet and it's finally happened. I am only in the first pink one but it was enough to make me decide not to go.
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well done for being strong it is so hard i am also on day 4 and jumped on the scales this morning to keep me going and it said 7lbs down where did you get the ketosis sticks from ? my pharmacey never gave me any so dont no if im in ketosis or not lol x
Wasnt sure if that was enough on the first one, glad to know thats a good place, thanks Cheryl, I was hoping to get dark purple thinking that was best.

Congrats on the 7lbs mini, thats great, keep it up. I bought ketostix from LLoyds chemist I think. Cant remember how much exactly but around £3 mark I think.


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This is site is great packed with information on every topic you can think of.
I have just been to Lloyds Pharmacy for Ketostix. Having done the test after 3 days of being on Lipotrim I tested negative which is very disappointing because I have been 100% disciplined with LT. I suppose every individual is different, I would appreciate comments from others.:mad:


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I asked for some at a Lloyds chemist as my chemist doesn't recommend using them & they wanted £26!!!

I enquired at my local Boots this morning, they offered a pack of 50 for £9.36. Lloyds offered much cheaper rate of £5.36.
I have seen discussion on these forums regarding the use of Ketostixs so I thought I might as well do my own tests. So far very poor results despite 100% effort from me, but I feel if I have lost weight.:break_diet:


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Mine is pretty dark and I deffo drink enough water - at least 5l a day! Its not even on purpose, I just get so so thirsty!
emmievic said:
Mine is pretty dark and I deffo drink enough water - at least 5l a day! Its not even on purpose, I just get so so thirsty!
Ketostix are notoriously unreliable. I'm the same as you if I do check I'm always dark and there's no way I'm not drinking enough. I don't believe that darker is an indication of dehydration at all

I binned all mine. Let's face it if you're sticking to the plan you WILL be in ketosis peeing on a stick isn't going to change that

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I agree with Starlight totally - don't bother with the Ketostix. They won't tell you anything useful and can actually confuse or disappoint you. Ketosis usually kicks in on days 3 - 5 then you will keep producing ketones as long as you are 100%. It's a bit like sitting there 7 months pregnant with the baby kicking away quite happily - you wouldn't need to do a pregnancy test, would you?! :D

By the way, Emmievic, I think the advice is maximum 4 litres of water a day? Take care, hun.


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One of the tell tale signs of being in ketosis is having a furry feeling in your mouth plus bad breath (hence having to stock up on 'breathe strips'). It's quite normal and can last from anything to weeks/ months. But you get used to it, oh and the noisy argumentative rumbling tummy that never shuts up - no matter how much you tell it to "SHUT UP"....

Hey it's a game of give and accept

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