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Ketosis headache kicked in (RANT!!)


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To be honest I'm kind of relieved because it has taken me longer than before to feel the whole ketosis buzz. But man am I in pain!

That and two wisdom teeth cutting thru bringing a gum infection and severely swollen throat glands. So that's a sore mouth, a sore throat and a sore head. Yeah. It's a good day for me :(

Oh and a bloody cold!! well -a severely congested nose. What is the craic!

So no blended icy shakes for me(which I love) cus of the sensitivity. Just hot shakes until I'm all better. And I'm all hot and bothered.

And NO period for 3 months -adding to the already considerable bloat!

Man I'm pi55ed off today.
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Hiya hun
Guess who's back lol !!
I am day 3 :-( so can totally empathise with that hammer in ya head.
Glad to see ya back on track, I am not fully in Ketosis yet so am not a happy bunny today & hubby doing it again too & he been in ketosis since day 2 & lost 10lbs already (I hate men lol)
I need to join ya on teh june challenge cos I got a prom so here goes my last ditched attempt to look owt like sexy in a frock

Keep going hun


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Has your day got any better ?

Must admit sometimes - I just so want to eat a bar of chocolate but then I remind myself of why I'm doing this diet and I'd only be cheating myself.

Good luck


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Oh dear you seem to be getting it rough today :( I'd just take an early night and forget today ever happened (easier said han done - I know!)
hope you're feeling better soon


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Hi hope you're feeling better now hun, has the headache now gone? Early night sounds good and maybe a hot waterbottle for comfort? Chin up girl and keep going xxx


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My head has also been murdering today, how weird! I drank lots and lots of water and it's better though now so I hope yours is too :)
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By heck love you don't do things by halves do you!!!!!!

Well done on getting back into ketosis and I hope you feel better soon.



One last chance
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Argh! That sounds terrible! I hope you're feeling better :hug99:

I hate it when my wisdom teeth tear through! bloody painful. You haven't had your period either? I haven't had mine in 3 months too, and I'm a little scared when I start again...if they come back :(
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Get well soon, sweetie. Can only offer sympathy and a group hug!! :grouphugg:


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Thanks so much everyone!! All sympathy and group hugs recieved and appreciated. :D

After, what was possibly a dangerous, cocktail of painkillers and some water gulping, the headache and the mood lifted. :D

I'm in fighting form today -actually had my first shake at breakfast time and everyfink! Still, early nights are in my future for at least another week methinks.


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