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Ketosis - in and out?


has started again!!
On Friday I was really really stupid and ate load of butter icing I was decorating my sons birthday cake with!! (No idea why, sure there could have been better things to binge on.) Anyway, I have dealt with it and moved on, plus oh boy, did it make me feel sick.:(

I stayed in ketosis yesterday, but this am my sticks are showing no colour at all. I am wondering if I am out of ketosis, and if so how long before I am back. TBH, I am not hungry at all, which I half expected if "out" and I am drinking loads more water because of my "poo" problems!! (Sorry)

Do you think I am out, or it is the water volume making my sticks clear? I am so cross with myself for being so stupid, and I really hope it wont happen again. I think I am rebelling against being on this plan for almost the full initial phase, and cant bear the thought of as long, and more, again till I reach goal!!

Never mind, I WILL do it, come hell or high water. (Thats why I am staying home tonight whilst 12 other members of my family go out for a slap up birthday dinner.....)
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Oh Bless Ya
My Sis In Law Was Never In Ketosis According To The Wee Sticks Yet She Went Down From 15 Stone To 11 On Ll So I Guess They Can Lie Sometimes
I would say that you are out of ketosis - it happened to me recently when I took psyllium husk capsules for a few days. I didn't feel hungry, but I did feel as though I wasn't losing any weight, and this prompted me to test. The stick showed absolutely no colour, and it took me five days to get back in. All has been well since though.

Don't beat yourself up about it - most people slip up at least once on this long journey, whether intentionally or unintentionally. My advice would be to get back on track and don't test for ketosis for at least 4 days. I was testing every day after slipping out, and then getting really down and demotivated when I didn't get back into it as quickly as I would have liked. It's the same thing as weighing yourself everyday - I restrict myself to once a week now and it really helps my frame of mind.

Well done on your great loss so far!
Hi Sez

I sometimes show no ketones and this is usually when i'm doing well with the water.

I know we all go a bit mad about testing, especially me! and whether or not we are in ketosis but really what difference does it make? you know you shouldn't have eaten that and you've dealt with it but surely it only makes you feel worse to keep checking if ketones are there or not???

Draw a line under it totally, stop punishing yourself and move on.

Christina x

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