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Ketosis info pleaseee


Will be slim!!!!!!!
hey guys,

todays my first day on week 3, so i've started on the bars...kinda worried though because i know some people said they came outta ketosis due to the bars, and i dont have any sticks to test with. just wondering are there any "symptoms" of being outta ketosis that i could look for?? and does it affect weight loss or just hunger?
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I am on the bars and they haven't kicked me out of ketosis. I am having 4 in a week. They taste lovely but they do upset my tummy a bit.


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I get knocked out of ketosis when I have the bars. My CDC thinks I'm carb sensitive and the bars apparently have slightly more carbs in them than the packs do.
I wouldn't worry about it to much, I'm a bit of a freak really!:p


Will be slim!!!!!!!
thanks guys, i only wondered because iv just felt hungrier today than normal, and wondered if it was to do with the bars. but i wont stress too much lol
I've had the bars this week for the first time.

They are quite a bit higher in Carbs than the shakes but so far haven't knocked me out of Ketosis. I think they make me feel a bit "buzzed up" though!

Have you drunk your extra ½pint of water to replace the amount in shake ? Maybe that's why you feel hungrier ?

Not sure re the Weightloss. I think it's making mine slow down so going to have every other day I think

a xx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
i always drink at least 6ltrs a day so water isnt a prob, i hope it doesnt affect weight loss too much, wanna lose 3 pounds a week from now on xx


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Gosh I'm a geek

Toffee/Fudge/Chocolate bars: 24.7grms carbs
Peanut: 12.8 grms carbs
Cranberry: 13.7 grms carbs

Soup & powder shakes: 17.1 grms carbs

.....so my dear Watson, not all the bars have more carbs....but they do have between 20 and 40 (ish) more calories...and you must drink extra water!!!!!
Stick to the 'non' chewy ones if you're worried about the 'big' K:)



Will be slim!!!!!!!
ohh no! problem is my cdc only has the choc and choc orange ones, so looks like im stuck with higher carb ones for the time being! really hope i dont come out of ketosis! its the only thing keeping me going lol xx

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