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Ketosis question-again, sorry!!

Hi, I know I have asked questions about ketosis, and I am sure 1000 people have asked 100000000 questions before-so I'm really sorry to be repetitive!!! My question is: please could someone explain to me in layman's terms what ketosis is? Will it make me feel better-less hungry and sick? (I am on day 3 of ss)
What IS IT?!?!?!?!? :p
Thank you!
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It kicks in around day 3 or 4 usually and is essentially your body being in starvation mode (using your fat stores as energy instead of carbs) but it does give most people a sense of well being and you dont tend to feel hungry if you have your shakes at regular times throughout the day! I did 8 weeks SS earlier this year and lost 2 and a half stone! Starting again 2moro to lose another stone and a half!!

Good luck xxx


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Oh and also I know that I am in ketosis when I get a metal taste in my mouth and my breath stinks, yuck!! xxx
Thanks! Well done you on your earlier loss-good luck with the next stage!! I am not having any symptoms of the big K yet-hope I get the feeling of well being!!!


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another one of the sure signs of ketosis, is you start to feel cccccold...
the energy boost is fab though and you leap out of bed with lots of zest.
Yeah, i defo find it easier to get out of bed in the mornings! Best part is feeling more energetic! Worst part is breath smells like road kill! I decided to take my tongue bar out coz i think it was making my breath smell even worse and then some! Lol xx
Hey Ive just start CD today.........Bad breath like roadkill???.... ooh deary me! :D Can we take anything for it? Like mouth spray or something? Oh well as long as I loose weight I suppose bad breath is a must! he he he


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I find that brushing my teeth and tongue after every shake/bar/tetra, as well as using mouthwash helps

You can also have the Listerine strips that you can get from chemists etc
Im in ketosis according to those pee sticks. I do feel cold, well my hands and feet are cold. My breath smells sweet in the mornings, its kind of strange, and my tongue is while .... but I am living with it :D
I have bags of energy considering I am eating nothing, its a strange thing to say but its all good. :D

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