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Ketosis sleep

Does anyone else sleep like the dead when they are on packs? I really miss that when I am eating conventional food when I find my sleep is interrupted and not as deep as when I am on packs?

Anyone else experience this ? Do you think it is just because there is no food being digested in our system or the lack of E-numbers etc?

Have a great Tuesday
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Hi Laura,

I certainly have been sleeping like the dead recently. I could barely keep my eyes open at 8pm last night!

Not sure what the reason is but its lovely to actually sleep that well, I am an eratic sleeper so its nice to wake up feeling refreshed.

Hiya, I was making a list of all the LL positives today, both to distract myself and offset the small number of negatives in my head. Sleeping like the dead was definitely one of the good points! I wake up in the same position I fall asleep in, having not moved all night. I'm sure your body just shuts down any unnecessary activity in your brain to conserve energy for essential functions. I would normally be loading up on sugary foods in the evening too, which I'm sure used to keep my mind whirring away during the night. I think it's a benefit that the LLCs ought to make a bit more of, to be honest. There's been a lot of media coverage lately about how obese people tend to enjoy less sleep than those of a healthy weight.
TC x


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hm, on the contrary :( Ever since I started LL I am having terrible problems with falling asleep, and when I do my sleep is not deep and I end up waking up even more tired -.-
Then again, it could be stress I have had enough of in past few months.. Or just me just generally feeling awful on LighterLife (but hey, looking at the weight loss I have had - can't give up!)
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My sleep is the best it has ever been. I'm on week 3-4. I think it is about being generally healthier; no alc/no sugar or carb highs and feeling more in control and knowing that we are doing something for ourselves. I'm sure the ketosis positivity helps eliminate some worry as well.
All the best,


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I sleep much, much better (apart from the odd cramping in the legs that I was getting before I added a tiny bit of Lo-Salt every couple of days). No silly night worries either - you know when you worry about something that is actually of little importance. I used to wake up and worry for hours until this diet!


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I hadn't really noticed it before but I'm sleeping really well too since being on LL! I dont wake up in the night at all anymore and just sleep right through!!

YAY - another plus point to LL!! :clap:


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yeah me too, but i have also noticed i now have really vivid lucid dreams too.
i agree with the point that it may be something to do with not eating carbs late in the evening before going to bed - that must interrupt your sleep and keep your brain too active to sleep properly.
I still get up at about 4am to go to the loo - all that water!!

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