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A Question.

When doing the Lipotrim diet your body goes in Ketosis.
When on the Atkins diet your body goes into Ketosis.

Therefore when doing Lipotrim if you wanted to eat for one day could you not eat as per Atkins???

Your thoughts please Ladies and Gents

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Me personally- I wouldn't. Atkins is low-carb, and high protein but high-fat, something I'm not a fan of? But thats just me.

Having said that- while on LT I did (on two occasions- a family funeral & a family wedding) eat a low-carb meal with two shakes with no obvious affect to my weight loss during those weeks?

I myself wouldn't start mixing the programmes, as LT is designed to provide you with the essential nutrients the body needs while on a VLCD. With Atkins- you design the programme and there would be no guarantee you'd be getting those essential nutrients?


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No, no no and no.

Why bother mixing the two?
Lipotrim is a total food replacement diet. Thats how it works so well.

People do eat whilst on LT and the sensible ones do follow a sort of atkins menu; low carb, chicken, fish, salad etc
A Question.

When doing the Lipotrim diet your body goes in Ketosis.
When on the Atkins diet your body goes into Ketosis.

Therefore when doing Lipotrim if you wanted to eat for one day could you not eat as per Atkins???

Your thoughts please Ladies and Gents

Hi John. I do Atkins since 3 months with very good results, and I have had similar thoughts. Instead of mixing the two, I am doing two weeks of Lipotrim, and then I will continue with Atkins. The reason for this is psychological. I want a boost with the weight loss. I am losing nicely with Atkins, but I want a boost to keep going. Also, for every day on this Lipotrim I am missing my Atkins food more and more, so I think it will be heaven to be back on Atkins and lose more slowly.

That is my version on it. I do not mix LT with Atkins days. I will do 2 weeks of LT followed by Atkins and I will let you know what the results are. Since both are based on ketosis, weight loss should not be an issue. Since fats have dramatic health benefits and eating is normal being back on Atkins should be very beneficial.
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I suppose you could maintain your position in ketosis, but, if you want to eat, why not just follow Atkins?

I think when people ask this they completely ignore the psychological impact of eating when you're sticking to a Total Food Replacement diet - if we're in a position where we're doing something this "drastic" then clearly there's an issue there & thinking we can do what we want within certain guidelines really isn't a good idea, I don't think.

S: 26st12lb C: 22st0lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 4st12lb(18.09%)
Hi Hannah

I was not ignoring the psychological impact of eating but mearly tossing around the question of how our ketosis differs from an Atkins type one, and against 'wanting' to eat for a day, there may be a time when you feel obliged to eat ie. a Wedding, and want to minimise the damage.

I realise that coming out of ketosis brings on the hunger feeling but if you stay in ketosis then you could be back on track in two shakes (3 if a girl).

The thread was not to suggest or encourage anyone to switch or change, just to see what folks thought.



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S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
You shouldnt ever feel obliged to eat. Many people have had birthdays, weddings, formal occasions and have still stuck to their shakes and water. Nobody should ever feel like they should have to eat. Your health comes first.


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Hi John

Other companies offer a vlcd that combines shakes/bars/soups with a low carb meal. Some of them push the calories up so its a lcd rather than vlcd. People follow it with great success, sometimes the weight loss only differs by 2lbs a month. Your body stays in ketosis either way so once again its horses for courses.

Personally, I'd rather have a low carb meal and stay in ketosis than risk a big blow out and have to start afresh but we're all different.

S: 26st12lb C: 22st0lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 4st12lb(18.09%)
Hi Vanda

I'm not intending to eat again till just before Christmas and then will try to avoid carbs like the plague.

When you think what you loose on Lipotrim and the speed of it, I'd hate to slow down and prolong the process any longer than necessary.

I've only had food once in six weeks and that was at a close friends 50th birthday. I thought it might be a buffet so I could disappear from the room but it turned out to be a sit down meal. I had fish starter and fish main course with no veg or sauces. Avoiding dinner invitations for the foreseeable future.

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Hey John, interesting thought. I personally wouldn't do it because I'm sort of of the opinion that if I eat something, i'll eat everything, so i wouldn't trust myself with the temptation.


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Hi John, I was on lipotrim for almost 2 weeks and lost 21lbs i had to change because of medical advice so switced to Atkins i have lost 8lbs in my third week on atkins and stayed in ketosis throughout. I have to say though i haven't gone mad and eaten unlimited quantities of protein i probably have stayed within about 700-800 cals. I really really really wanted to carry on with lipotrim but couldn't. I am hoping to get the all clear soon so i can go back on because for me the eating of physical food was something that needed addresing badly. But just to say that it depends what kind of a person you are and if you can handle coming off for a day and then going back on, the damage done is likely to minimal as i stayed in keteosis all the time.
Winky: There is no damage done at all if you stayed in ketosis. You continue to lose a lot of weight while eating. What is wrong with that?

I am doing the opposite to you. I am on Atkins, but doing LT for two weeks since I want a little psychological boost to feel motivated to stay on Atkins. Let me tell you, I have never missed my Atkins food more than today. :)

irish molly

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Interesting thread. I think it will all depend on where you are coming from. Most who embark on LT have to address issues with food as well as losing the weight. Hence the total food replacement ethic fits the bill for them. It breaks the whole "what am I going to eat now" cycle. Atkins will suit if you can depend on yourself to be sufficiently disciplined to eat the right foods. I agree, ketosis is ketosis no matter how it has been achieved. I don't think a day on day off mix of the two diets is wise as there is possibly an issue around correct nutrition. I also think a two week stint on LT is just too short for the effort you have to put in to survive week one. Why not consider doing LT for 3 or 4 weeks and get a really good result, as much as a stone and a half and then revert to atkins. LT after a week is really doable, you will forget the misery of week one and as long as you drink plenty of water it is easy enough.
Since I don't handle carbs well and changed my relationship with food completely on Atkins, it worked for me, and I didn't really realize that others may not experience the same changes, but need something more extreme for it to have effect.

Personally, I think I am set on two weeks, for two reasons. My goal is to be below 120kg by the end of these two weeks. I haven't been there in a very long time. I will then have lost 18kg in 4 months, which I am delighted with.

Secondly, I am curious what happens when you back to Atkins after Lipotrim. It seems to me that LT recommends low fat and low carb foods. Since I think that food stinks, and I can't stick to it for very long (I consider it painful dieting), I am curious to see how taking up a low carb, high fat diet will work.

I may be wrong about what LT recommends. If so, please correct me. Unfortunately LT is not available where I live so I can't get any advice from doctors. A friend in the UK sent the drinks to me after having success on his own.
S: 26st12lb C: 22st0lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 4st12lb(18.09%)
Hi RoakMan, Irish Molly, Winky & Akra

The comments a few have made about having a TFR diet because of previous mental attitude to food is probably very close to descibing my mental state.
Perhaps better to go without rather than eat then gradually slip down the carb route.

I don't intend to refeed until Christmas and by then I should be within 2 stone or less of my target.

In order to shorten the entire process of dieting, I think that over the festive period I shall re-feed but do it using Atkins guidelines, and stay in Ketosis. Whats Christmas without a Turkey?

Back on LT for New Year and at target before holiday to Egypt in Feb. Not booked yet a cannot find anybody able to go with me. Any budding holiday buddies out there??


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