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ok so everytime i start slimming world (been on it a week now 2nd time around) i always get a funny taste in my mouth : / like its constantly sweet at the sides of my tounge ! looking up on the tol google and it mentioned ketosis and not having enough carbs ??? is this what it is and has anyone else experienced this? i lost 6 pound on my first week whohhhoo im not about to give up cos of this taste but its rather annoying
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MMm ketosis! Am an old Atkinsers so I know all about ketosis! Yes the funny taste could be it, also nausea.
Are you doing Red Days? You need to be really low in your carb intake to get into ketosis...
hi thanks for the reply thought i was going mad ! well this is the thing i cant be that low in carbs as i had mash last night and pasta for dinner yesterday but i must admit today i haven't had any, just had chicken and veg for dinner, for tea will be having wedges and pork! it is doing my head in : / but i really cant think of anything else what it could be this made a lot of sense when i read it ....
If youre eating pasta potatoes etc it wont be ketosis. You carb levels need to be incredibly low for ketosis, looks like its something else. Ketosis isnt a sweet taste, its more metallic, its horrible.

Also eating anything like yoghurt, snacks, drinking diet coke etc would all stop you getting into ketosis.

Youd need to be eating pretty much pure protein for days and days at a time to get into ketosis, it can take up to a week of very low carbing to get into ketosis, sadly it doesnt happen overnight.
You haven't been eating pinenuts have you? Some people (not everybody) experience a horrible taste in the mouth which lasts up to a fortnight, and it recurs every time they eat or drink. It's well documented now on the internet, and Which Magazine were interested. It's called 'pinemouth syndrome'. I had it a few months ago and will never eat pinenuts again - though previously I had no problem. Though as far as I can remember the taste was rather more metallic than sweet.... hope you can suss it out! :)
wood mouse ive heard about that lol !!! ive had this taste before and it lasted a couple of weeks then went then came back then went .... each time i was dieting ! but i havent had pinenuts ! lol oh well ill see what happens : /


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I've had something similar recently but it is a bitter taste at the back of my mouth. Very strange but no idea what it is!


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Which sweetener have you been using - if it's aspartame based then its probably that. Try switching to a sucrulose based one like splenda - it's far nicer!

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