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Dear friends,

I have been using the Ketone stix as suggested by my counsellor and I also read on the CD website the reason why it's used. Most of the time I used the stix it turned to pink or purple. I understand that it means my body is burning fat:) But I also read on some of the posts here that it also means I am dehydrated! :confused:I do drink loads of water... SO I am confused now:sigh: The change in color is supposed to make you feel good but it's not good if it means you are dehydrated!!:( So what is my situation?? :eek: Am I burning any fat or just that I am dehydrated??:doh: Thanks!
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Hi Remia,

I too use Ketistix, I have found the colours quite variable - I don't use them every day, probably every other day.

I have been SS-ing 100% for 3 weeks as of this Friday coming and some days the colour is the palest pink one (nearly beige on a couple of occasions) and then on other days it will be the 2nd or 3rd colour of pink, but never the darker pinks.

I've read somewhere that they are an indication only - i.e. other factors will likely affect the reading. Perhaps things like how long since you last ate / drank / peed!?? I expect there is something about how much water is in you at the time, so may be a sign of dehydration but I really don't know for sure. :confused:

I suppose what I am also wondering is this....

If you are towards the "trace" end of the scale of ketosis (palest pink), does that mean you are burning less fat than if you are towards the stonger end of the scale (darker pink)? If so, does it always follow that you will lose more weight if your readings are darker pink?

I'll have a chat with my firendly CDC on Friday night, but in the meantime would be interested to see what others have found.

Thanks for posting this - a good question!

Thanx Bev and judders74 for your insights into this. It is pretty confusing! But like you said judders74 that the color change on the stix are affected by a number of factors. But it would help to know if you are on track and burning fat:) That's what ketones means, right? Well, I have been ss+ing for 4 weeks and I have lost weight and inches but it's an incentive to see the color change to purple or pink! It kind of tells me that I am doing it right ... I hope you understand what I am saying. We'll see what the others have to say. And do let me know what your CDC says:) Thanks!
as i understand it, as long as the stick turns pink even the slightest you are burning fat, when they turn darker you are still burning the same fat but it indicates dehydration.xx
Bev, I buy my stix from the local pharmacy. It's cheaper. My CDC did suggest buying it from her but I didn't. I think what Susan said here makes sense... Pink is good and you are burning fat but purple means you are burning fat but then you are dehydrated!:eek: that is not good.. so I must up my intake of water... Thanks Susan xxx
As long as the stick changes from beige (i.e goes pink) you are in ketosis and burning fat. The really dark colours indicate that you are indeed dehydrated so up the water! The sticks are unreliable and can give negative readings, even though you are in ketosis, after a shake or a lot of water. Some people just use things like the death breath, dry mouth etc to tell. So my advise is to use one on day three/four to check initially and then use them sparingly afterwards - if you dont have anything that will knock you out then you are in so why check all the time!
makes sense! Yeah I do have the killer breath!!:eek: the only thing is that two days ago I cheated with a bit of carbs:sigh: I am back on track... One thing I like about this diet is that you cannot eat much even if you want to... I feel my stomach has shrunk and its so much better without those refined carbs!:mad: They can get addictive and it spoils our system!


in this to win!..
are you having trouble on the toilet may i ask?, you may be drinking loads of water but as was pointed out on another thread if its passing through your system when going to the toilet then you'll need to replace it again.

just a thought

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