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hey all!

after two weeks of lipotrim i think i need to come off for the sake of continuing to breast feed my son (less milk and more hunger!)
i am wondering whether, if i stick to the principles of the refeed, i will stay in ketosis and futher my weight loss?
is atkins a good alternative, do you think?
dont want to gain weight after my hard work!

your thoughts will be appreciated....
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Skinny Soon ?!
Are you allowed to be on only shakes if you are breast feeding - seems a bit drastic. You need so many moore calories than if you wern't. How does Ketosis affect what's in your milk? If Ketones come out in your wee and your breath surely they go into milk too??? I don't know but I would get some professional advice. What does your health visitor say about it?
ketosis is safe whilst breastfeeding as ketones dont pass to milk, according to research....
my pharmacist did tell me that lipotrim would be ok whilst nursing but everyone else seems to think not which i did find a worry to be honest. he said give it a go and see but i am still sooooooo hungry - even in ketosis that i thought i should listen to my body and take more calories! i think my milk is dwindling which has made my mind up for certain that i want to stop, however having gone through the transition to fat burning and having lost weight i am keen not to undo all work!


Skinny Soon ?!
I guess to preserve the loss you have had so far you just need to very carefully increase your calorie intake and try to choose low GI food and choose wholegrain carbs etc.

I would have thought as long as you don't go wham and start eating big portions of the wrong foods you will be ok. Maybe try adding a little milk, chicken and green veg and see if that helps.

Let us know how you go - good luck

Hi there,
While I understand completely the pressure to lose post-pregnancy weight, as far as I am aware concerning Ketosis and breastfeeding, it is really not to be recommended. This is for two reasons. Firstly, ketones do pass through breastmilk and so could potentially affect a baby's kidneys, but there have been no long-term studies on the amount of strain put on kidneys as these diets are a relatively new phenomenon, thus long-term effects are undocumented. Secondly, the body stores pollutants such as PCBs in bodyfat, as they are fat-soluble and this is a way to keep these cell and tissue harmful environmental contaminants away from your organs and out of your bloodstream. You can need as many as 700 calories per day whilst breastfeeding, and if you aren't getting this from your daily food then your body will access your fat stores - insodoing, potentially releasing the some of the stored-up PCBs straight into your breastmilk. Adults can cope with PCBs much more easily than tiny-bodied babies; for more info on PCBs see Environment Agency - PCBs

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