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  1. louii

    louii Full Member

    Hi there, new to this forum so forgive me if there is anothertopic already about this.

    I am on Day 4 of Cambridge SS, What colour is Keto stick meant to be, drinking 3-4 litres of water each day and it is dark purple.
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  3. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    The dark purple means that you are in ketosis.
  4. AbsolutelyFabulous

    AbsolutelyFabulous Absolutely Determined!

    I've bought some ketosticks in anticipation of starting CD. I'm so excited, I wish I could start right this minute!!! (Please remind me of this post when I am complaining about being starving next week)

  5. Lexie_dog


    I am in ketosis, and have been on CD for 6 days now.

    Yesterday the sticks ranged from pale pink, dark purple, negative and medium

    I stuck to it 100% and drank 4L of fluid plus throughout the day.

    Don't set too much store by the sticks. Go with your body and how you feel.
  6. kirst

    kirst Full Member

    i want a keto stick were do you get them frm
  7. Lexie_dog


    From the chemists £5.60 approx for 50 sticks, but if you cut them in half you get 100 :)

    You counsellor may also sell them.

    Alternatively have a look on ebay for "ketostix" and ketone testing strips.
  8. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Doesn't always have to be dark purple...
    Anything from pink to purple is positive for ketones and will depend on time of day and how much fluid you are taking in to dilute the ketones.
  9. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    My lovely CDC gave me some for free, maybe ask yours if they've got any.
  10. Cheska

    Cheska always struggling

    You keep up the excitement because having that feeling will be a your motivation x
  11. mooncat

    mooncat loves the moon and cats!

    My CDC gave me some free too and tomorrow is day 4 on sole source plus. I'm a bit confused as she said it had to be peach coloured and not to do it while lunchtime. What colour should it be and what time of day would you say was best?
  12. weim01

    weim01 Full Member

    im tempted to buy some !
  13. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Have you not got the pack they came in?
    They really do need to be kept in a sealed container and in date for them to be accurate.
    The guage on ketostix goes from a beigy /peach which is negative, through pink to deep purple.
    You should also read them dead on 15 seconds but to be honest you can see immediately if they are going to change colour and the amount of keytones isnt important.
    As for time of day, I think quite a few people do it first thing, I do but I'm not sure it matters.

    Found this image of the ketostix chart although might not be exact due to monitor colour differences
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  14. mooncat

    mooncat loves the moon and cats!

    Thanks Tillyfloss, CDC just told me to take a few out of box so they are just loose in my bathroom cabinet. I'm going to have a try now after my first glass of water.

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