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Hi flygirl,
i started diet 2day...
And as far as im aware ketosis kicks in after ur 1st week hense the 1st week bein the hardest..

Good Luck
Jody xx

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
Did your pharmacy give you a urine sample pot ? I didn't get one :confused:

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
I don't think the chemist I went to is very good, it was just a young lad I saw, who didn't tell me much at all.
He just gave me the medical form to fill in and then weighed me and give me the weeks packs
I am wondering about ketosis, and if I am in it
Thanx babybear 83.

Hi wobbley woo, i never received a urine pot either. Is that the only way to find out?

Also i as wonderin if there are any changes in you when u r in ketosis? how long have u been on LT?

thanx xx :)


Here we go again!
Hi all. Ketosis can kick in anywhere from day 3 onwards. You get an awful taste in your mouth and may feel as though you have something in the back of your throat. Your tongue can get a bit furry, some mouthwash and teeth brushing is necessary! (Its not as bad as all that sounds I promise!) The best thing though is that you don't feel hungry anymore. If you feel hunger it's usually just a craving in your head and not in your stomach. I also got an energy rush after week 1 and I've still got it. Never felt better.

Good luck to all you just starting, not that you need it on this, it is the best diet for great results. Stick to it 100% and you will get fantastic results!

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