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Ketostix - dark pink??

No hun, quite the opposite. You are definately in ketosis :D Because you tested the first pee, it is at its most concentrated. If you test again later after you have had water, it will be the peachy pink colour your CDC stated.

Congratulations, your journey should now seem easier :)
No you defintey are - but maybe your a bit dehydrated so drink some water. The second wee is the best one to use, dont ask why, my cdc says but it has prove very true!
Anything pinker than the first beige colour on the bottle means you have ketones in your wee, which is good. It should be somewhere on the pink scale not on the first beige colour.
Lynne x


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Yep...as above, but also even beige doesn't necessarily mean you are not in ketosis :D

If you have ketones in your bloodstream, then you are in ketosis, but ketostix don't test for presence in the blood stream. They only test positive if there is an overproduction of ketones that spill out into your urine.

I never got a pink reading at all. Beige, beige all the way :D All 8 stone gone 'in the beige'

Big H

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I thought I was a bit of a CD expert but I never knew that about the Beige. Funnily enough I was 'in the Beige' yesterday and thought I had dropped out of Keytosis. Glad I hadn't.

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