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ketostix help


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no idea i'm afraid - but do they not come with instructions?? very odd if they don't.

i've heard varied reports of them so i've never bothered using. think someone said in another thread that the darker colour they go the less hydrated you are, thereofre drink more water. can't say if that's true.


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yeah they come with instructions, but they are supposed to be used by diabetics, and it says its dangerous if they go really dark (maybe only cos of the diabetes, so was wondering what the score was regarding this diet lol


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There should be a colour guide on the side of the bottle. Anything more than 'trace' indicates you're in ketosis.
I don't find them reliable at all, as they only measure 'excess' ketones. Mine are negative a lot of the time, but LT told me this could be because I'm using up all the ketones I produce (i.e.- I have no 'extra' to be wee-ed out!) or they may be flushed out by all the fluids we're intaking. If you're doing this 100%, drinking like you should, and losing weight- then you can take it that you're in ketosis.


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and it says its dangerous if they go really dark
If it registers a really dark colour- it's an indication you're dehydrated- whether you're diabetic or not. Darker is not better in this case!


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ah okie dokie, they were a 5a too lol, but thought it might spur me on through these hunger pangs to know that im doing well


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From what Ive heard its best to take a reading first thing in the morning when you first go to the loo, howver if it is purple do not panic as unless youve been waking up all night having water, the result just shows the ketone level is high as youve not been peeing them out so to speak.

You would normally expect that during the day they should be from trace to the pink colours, and yes if their purple it can show your dehydrated, however a lot of people have been having problems as they are not entirely accurate for everyone, i drink 4 lts of water a day and my sticks still turn the darkest purple during the day too.

So its up to you if you use them but aslong as youre complying with the LT instructions and having the minimum 4 pints of water to 4lts of water a day you should be in ketosis anyways. Unless of course medication may affect the reading. I wouldnt worry too much over them their annoying little blighters and can make you fret over nothing! :)


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ah right, i just like tryin new gadgets haha, peeing on a stick sounds fun, even if i am acc peeing into a cup and then dippin it in haha


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lol! Yeah it reminds me of that litmus paper things we got back in science classes in school :D


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I do mine 1st thing in the morning and they vary from ++ to just a trace but that is dependant on when my last water was and when my 1st wee is!
They are ok by simply a guide. If I test during the day I test more negative as the day goes on!!

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