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Ketostix - what colour?


Bad Girl
Do you use ketostix? If so, what colour do they go?

I picked some up this afternoon.

I've being doing Exante total solution for 5 days now, am not really hungry any more and have a bloody awful taste in my mouth most of the time, yet my ketostix only went beige, indicating that I am not in ketosis. :confused:

Just wondering what happens with anyone else who has tested with them......
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As far as I know the colours differ from test to test (?) but you should aim for colour 2-4. So the first in your sequence would be 'no ketosis' and the second to fourth 'in ketosis'. I'm on 2 since day 4.
Hope this helps,


Bring it on!
You have to leave it 15 seconds then check, but it can take some people longer so just check once a day, and any shade of pink means you're in ketosis.


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I have a love/hate relationships with those pee-pee sticks (as they are called in my very mature house lol)

I'm nearly always dark purple, even with the tanks of water I drink, and I can't say my losses are any better than anyone elses :)

PS. Well done on your 9 pound loss!


Bad Girl
Thanks Blorpy. :)

I suspect that for the first couple they stayed beige cos I may have erm....:eek:...not quite got the technique right and erm......missed, if you know what I mean? :D

I'm varying between pink and purple now, I've noticed if I test in the afternoon when I've had my bar it's pinker than first thing in the morning.
Mine's showing a very very dark pink - is this OK?

My CDC seems to think anymore than a light pink is TOO far into ketosis??

Miss Demeanour

I.P. Freely
Ooooh - old convo.

Rather than repeat self, I refer you to the following thread:-


Personally, when I'm at it 100%, my ketostix are a proper purple. but it varies so much from person to person (and time of day etc) to really make the scale effective. They only really tell you that excess ketones are there - over and above that they're a bit of a blunt instrument.