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Has anyone else had bother trying to buy these?

I visited a big Boots store, asked if I could buy some Bayer Ketostix, and was taken aside by the head pharmacist.

He wanted to know why I wanted them.

I informed him they were for my diabetic cat (A big fat lie, I have cats but they are not diabetic, besides was too scared to admit they were for a VLCD).

He informed me I would need a prescription from a vet as "the laws on supplying Veterinary Medicines are very strict now you know".......


Firstly, they are not a prescription only medicine. And secondly, he picked the wrong person to fight with, I'm a vet!!! I walked off in a huff as by now I was creating a bit of a scene. I just wished I'd scrawled a prescription out.

So, anyone else had any joy getting these over the counter? I've now got them from our veterinary wholesaler. I just found their attitude ridiculous. Anyone would think I was trying to buy crack cocaine....
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i've tried to bye them but nowhere has them but seen them on e-bay
I've bought them a couple of times at smaller chemist chains - they didn't ask any questions.

From what I've read on here, I wouldn't try buying them at Boots.

As an aside, perhaps you could set up a 'Vet Questions' thread! My pets are all OK at the moment, but I'm sure it could be of use to other members. On second thoughts, maybe you come on here to get away from the vet type thing....


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I got them from my chemist no questions asked!!!!!!

If you tell mr 'boots chemist' that this diet is being monitored by your doctor and the ketostix do not require a prescription then that should be enough. To be honest I dont see what it has to do with him what you want to buy!! It is not a medicine is it!!! Don't get me started.......the JOBSWORTH!! I sometimes eat the odd meal so to me the ketostix are vital.
wow jamie you were lucky, must have been served by an un-trained assistant, seems that most of them are told to interrogate anyone who asks for ketistix!


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I think I may go into boots to see if I can buy some. I'm in the mood for a fight. Thats what having no food for weeks on end does to you. LOL (well....the odd salad!!)


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What sort of questions do they ask??? I got mine on line too so avoided questions.....is there a problem with getting them???

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I got mine from Boots as well. The assistant hadn't heard of Ketostix and had to ask someone else. She just pointed her in the right direction, and I was served - no questions asked. Now this could have been due to her inexperience, however I was fully ready to answer some questions about them. I would have just said 'I don't know what they are for I've just been asked to pick them up for a friend/relative/colleague'.

Looks like I just dropped lucky by the sound of it.

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