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Kettle chips syns?

1 syn per 20 calories as no free food
Make you're own FREE crisps! :D

Spray a plate with fry light
Cut potato into thin slices and put on plate
Sprinkle sea salt on them
Spray again with fry light
5 minutes in the microwave

They're gorgeous! x


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sareypoop said:
Wow! They look yummy and so easy!! Going to try making these! Wonder if they would work spraying a bit of vinegar on too?! Hmmmm!
They're amazing! When someone told me about them I didn't think it REALLY would work from the microwave!

You can sprinkle an oxo on them for beef... Worcester sauce on them... Paprika! So much you can do and so much better for you.

I swear they're nicer than Walkers Ready Salted!

If you cut them a bit thicker they'll still be slightly floppy so just put back in for about 20 seconds :)

This is something that is always up for debate at our group, the way to understand it is, Slimming World advocate 'unlimited foods' this gives you natural portion control at meal times. As soon as you change the composite of the food you will eat more in it's changed form. Our Leader has always said if your going to have a bag of crisps, have one, and syn them. I always say anything in moderation if it's working for you then don't do it this way.

This is how I work it in for example; when I have a salad I sometimes leave out the pasta that I would normally mix through it, but then part cook and bake 100 grams (dry) mix with marmite, this gives me the snack fix that I want now and then and it's something I would have included in my meal anyway. Thus not increasing my carb intake by snacking on top of eating the carb in with my lunch.
My consultant knows about these crisps and doesnt have a problem with it.

just like anything - an excessive amount would not be good for you - that goes without saying!

But one potato with fry light and seasoning is not an issue as a treat - just like you wouldn't eat five Mullers in a day and expect them all to be "free"

The whole point of SW is to eat until your full only and stop there.

Obviously you couldn't eat an unlimited amount of anything!
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