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KFC... Mcdonalds and so on


Finally a size 12!
Personally i find if i have it once ill usually cave and have it again! Its up to you everyone is different but if you have saved the points sure, but dont starve yaself just for one KFC hun xxxxx


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I try to do that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. but if its in your points allowance and you want to do it why not?
Hi everyone,

I've been on WW for all of 4 days (lol). I'm planning a treat next thursday and i've pointed up my favourite meals in KFC and McDonalds (Mcdonalds is worse for points by the way!)

But is this cheating? Saving up my points during the week to blow at KFC? Should you not do that?
How many points are you saving up per day?


plodding away
No problems doing this. as long as you dont save more than 4 a day or drop below 14 all is well. I do this when I fancy some kfc and it keeps me on plan. Enjoy


Finally a size 12!
Ohhhh if its just 2 enjoy!!! I try and save 2 a day for a nice pub lunch at weekend xxxx
Its not cheating you can have what you like everyday as long as you have your points,but I think we all realise that we will soon be hungry.
Im saving 2 points a day this week as its my OH birthday saturday and want to enjoy it and not go off plan.
As said as long as your not saving too many and can control the cravings then alls good........enjoy xx:)


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thats what i always do lol been doing it last few days for carvery tomorrow lol the food is ok its just the pud at 7 points im saving for hehe as long as its not loads of points and you use them up by end of week carry on and enjoy :) x

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