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Kidney Pain


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Hey guys, Looks like i'm gonna be careful how I go with the rest of this diet. After a week i'm already getting Kidney pains...this took 3 months last time to get the pains,but I may have already damaged them...i'm still carrying on but not as strictly till I can get to the doctors. I'll still be about on here though as I am doing it on a day to day basis for now,if I need to eat i will.

Any one else get this on lt or Exante?
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I dont know how much water you are drinking but if you arent drinking enough it can lead to kidney stones... not nice, Ive had them.. If you are in anyway prone to them then with LT you need to ensure you are drinking around the maximim water of 4-4.5l but not all in one!!


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Yes please do be careful. Kidney pain is the worst.
I only have one kidney after having one removed last year because of stones. My other one is perfectly healthy and has no stones (hence I am allowed to do LT) but I have to drink 3 litres of water a day and limited fizzy stuff for the rest of my life anyway (so the 4l on LT is not that hard for me)

look after yourself.


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Sorry to hear you are suffering cherry, you know what you are doing with this and you will know how far to go. I really hope it gets better for you and i wish i had some advice for you as you always give me some when i'm going through stuff but i think you have it all sorted. Fingers crossed that it stops!


I love my purdy shoes
Thanks Guys, i'm feeling better today. I'm drinking loads more than I should be which is why my Kidneys may be struggling. I tend not to sip the water, so i'm starting to do that. I'll see how I go :D


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Hope it gets better mrs!!

And yes slow down on the water!!!


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Sorry to hear you are not doing great......I havent much experience with kidney stones, but the advice given so far has been great.

You know your body and just make sure you do what you think is best for you.

Take care though and get to the docs asap.


Size 14 here i come!
Good, i hope it was the amount of water and it's fixed now!


Having a mid-life crisis
I'm glad you're feeling better.

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Cherry, that is bad news. You need to look after yourself. Hopefully, it was just that you were overdoing the water by drinking too much all at once. Get checked out by the doc to be sure you are not doing any damage.

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