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Hi everyone. I am back restarting cd, with my tail between my legs. I came off cd with a stone to lose in November aiming to do WW. At first it went ok, but three holidays, one Christmas, one new year and three huge nights out made it difficult. This was all mixed in with some psychlogical thing I think I had about not having reached 'goal' so I have decided to come back to CD as hard as it was towards the end to get off what is now the last 18lb. It is soooooo hard. This is the second week of ss now, and the first week wasnt so bad but I have spent more time this week picking up chicken in supermarkets and putting it back than I dont know what. I have changed to 4 packs a day to try and ease through the first really hard adjustment stages and this seems to be helping. I really hope that when I get weighed on monday I will have a pound or two off the total, and the way i am trying to look at it is say I manage 2 this week, leaving me 16 to go, that may take another 4 weeks? I can move up the stages before then so maybe a bit longer but not too much I hope.

Hope everyone here as an easier time of their restart than I have had this week, I have been laid up with flu as well so that may have made things harder - apart from the bit where I was asleep for 3 days, that stopped temptation! Good luck everyone, I hope that we can support each other through whatever we have left.

Anyone have experience of returning for the last 18lb or so?
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Well done for coming back and realising your feelings :) It'll come off in no time I'm sure! :)

I've just restarted last night but have been gone for just over 2 years... :rolleyes:
well done on coming back and all the best with the rest of your journey. I did hear its harder for the last bit of weight to come off but i am sure ya will do just fine, gud luck

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