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Kind of a happy weigh in 3....

You should be really proud of yourself you've stuck to the hardest diet ever and in 3 weeks your well over 2 stone lighter your certainly an inspiration to me and no doubt lots of others


Back on the diet train...
i agree hun. u av ad sum amazin losses!!! this diet only says u cud lose a stone a month not that u will, average is usually 3lb. u av lost over 2st in 3 WEEKS!!!!! thats fantastic!!! :D

keep up the gud work hun. ur my inspiration!!! ;)


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4lbs is still a great weigh loss. You will have great weeks and not so great weeks. but as long as your heading in the right direction all losses are welcome :) xxx
Cheers guys - and you're right. It's better off than on! I know when I'm a bad girl I can put on more than 4lbs a week just by being crap!

Hooray - weight loss, no matter how much, is better than weight gain! xxx
Hiya Slinky

OMG another 4lbs down is fantastic. You have had amazing losses. Dont be disappointed at all - be proud of yourself. I am on week 4 and weighing in tomorrow and if I am 4lbs down I will jump for joy!!!

Keep it up - you are brilliant

How are the poppadoms going????


Here we go again!
Again, well done on the 4lbs off. I am aiming for 3-4lbs a week from now on. That means a stone a month and I will be very happy with that.

Please don't be disappointed with that, you are doing so fantastic on this and doesn't it feel great when clothes start feeling so loose?

Keep going, you are doing a fantastic job!
yummymummynot - I'm trying them tonight! I'll let you know how I get on!

The jeans I'm wearing today are hilarious - I look like some gangsta rapper the crotch is so low! And the belt has brought the waist in so much it just bunches everywhere! I guess I'm no longer a size 26 hey??!! x


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Time for some smaller clothes I think......I kept 1 top and 1 pair of trousers when I was dieting.....before just so I could see how much I had lost.....might do it again this time

2 stones in 3 weeks? :wow: well done! I am doing LT for the second time, I hope I can get amazing loses like u, but we all know it different for everyone....congrats hun xx
sonkie - I've just seen myself in the office mirror! Hahahaha oh dear - I look like I'm wearing someone elses clothes. Nice feeling but I came into the office looking like this. Bad times! Shopping spree anyone?! xxx

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