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  1. PrincessSmiles

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    I was an angel this week and found it REALLY HARD going and today I found I'd only lost one measly pound SS!! I don't understand it as I've been drinking LOADS of water. Okay so I haven't been checking I'm in ketosis a lot cos I couldn't see how I couldn't be... I checked once mid-week and it was pink.

    This coming week is AAM week for me, so I'm scared I won't lose again and then I might lose ALL my motivation completely.

    Please buck me up guys.

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  3. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    It will only be water retention. There is no way you will not lose fat if you are sticking to the plan.
    Just keep doing the same as before with you're aamw, dont cut down on water. It will show a good loss next week.

    Keep your chin up, hang in there.
  4. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    YOu have had two weeks of good losses prior to this. Sometimes our bodies just hold onto the fat and definitely hold onto the water for a little while but you are losing even if it isn't showing up yet. Please just trust the process and don't give up.

    You will have a good loss next week even though you are doing AAMW. Please don't give up. Look how much you have lost already. Many people have ups and downs with their losses but they do average 3lb a week over a monthly period.

    Keep going
  5. Isis

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    Hi PS :D

    Just wanted to echo what Hedgemag and Dancing have said. :)

    It's very likely to be water retention hun. I know it can feel really disappointing but just try and keep the bigger picture in mind here and you will keep your motivation.

    Enjoy your AAMW and trust that your body will level all this out as it will.

    Keep the faith girl!!!! :D

    Lacey...xx :)
  6. ponypony

    ponypony Full Member

    Don't panic - you've hit a plateau!

    I suffered the same, and didn't lose for a couple of weeks at about BMI 27-8 I think. Keep going with SS, keep getting the water down. Realistically if you're sticking to SS you'll be burning fat.

    The way I rationalised it was that, I'd lost a lot, and my body was retaining water as a panic mechanism.

    Don't worry, you'll be fab! Just don't treat it as an excuse to fall off the wagon, because it's so bloody hard getting back into the zone (I should know!!).
  7. ponypony

    ponypony Full Member

    And forgot to say, AAM really kickstarted my weight loss again when I'd hit my plateau. I lost 5lbs that week i think.

    Hope that helps.
  8. PrincessSmiles

    PrincessSmiles Full Member

    Weight watchers
    Thanks guys,

    I really appeciate it. You're right of course - *hits the water* Thanks for your words on AAM - I'll be optimistic. And Pony pony - thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I must remember that - when you put it that way it doesn't seem so bad!
  9. Deb G

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    I've been here before (you'll find my moan somewhere) but it really is just your body holding on and giving it up. We're humans, not machines, and therefore we don't lose at the same rate every week. I have been SS for the WHOLE time and NEVER cheated - but look at how my weightloss has been week to week. It's hard when its YOU that has had the poor weightloss, but it really will swing back round!
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