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kirsty2012 food diary


is gonna shine in 2009
Well sucking at ww big time so going to give SW another go. (Never had good losses on it before but did only give it three weeks )

i'm rubbish at remembering things so will probably get things wrong along the way.

Day 1 green day

breakfast: scrambled egg half HEA for milk, beans and 3 slices of ww brown bread HEB.

dinner: an apple, 2 satsumas and a mug shot

tea: sw chips, pasta n sauce tomato and tuna half HEB corn on cob.

ww yog
alpen bar half HEB
walkers french fries 4.5 syns
ice lolly 2.5 syns
wotsits 5.5 syns

total syns 12.5
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is gonna shine in 2009
day one done and dusted and 16,337 steps walked today


is gonna shine in 2009
day 2 Green day

breakfast: banana, cheese on toast HEA & HEB

lunch: 3 slices of ww brown toasted HEB flora extra light, curried pasta with chopped veg added.

tea: SW chips, egg and mushy peas

snacks so far: 2 apples, 2 satsumas, melon chunks
wotsits 5.5 ice lolly 2.5

syns so far: 9.5

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is gonna shine in 2009
Day 3 EE

breakfast: ww yog, banana

175ml skimmed milk 20g reduced cheese HEA
3 slices ww brown bread HEB

red salmon

dinner: cheese and ham toastie

snacks muller light yog, velvet crunch crisps (4)

syns 4.5
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