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is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Well it happened but i haven been on recently but my hooker of a cat finally gave birth to her multi coloured kittens who are beautiful three white one black all in good health, so if anybody lives near leeds and wants a kitty kat let me know there is an all white boy left and a white girl with black spots on her head both are gorgeous XXX
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congrats on the kittens my cat had 5 kittens on mothers day they are sooo cute arnt they.lol


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
am trying my best with the pictures they are tooo cute i czant stop touching them and my cat is getting well miffed she has to share all the attention lol
Ohhh!! Don't tell me you've got kittens!! I have a fantastic, nutcase grey cat, who I love...but I'd love another kitten. *must not drive to leeds, must not drive to leeds*

Yay, if you can get piccies, show us! :)


Cute, but psycho!
Helli - DRIVE TO LEEDS!!!!

We have two kittens, well they're about 9 months old now (rescue kittens) and they're total nutcases, but soooo lovely!

*wants another one*
aaaw cute - please post pics :)

i love my cat - but he is a neutered tom - so no kittens for us (thats probs a good thing!)
Awww theyre lovely:D

I want more..but Im not allowed as I already have 4!:D Mine younger two are just over a year old now..both still little and cuties!
aaaaw lil' babies!

loved my cat when he was ickle - so cute! Though he is still cute at 3 years old :)
ive got 4 adult cats and a 9wk old staffie pup and obviously the 5 kittens, yes it is a mad house.lol

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