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Knocked out of ketosis?



I'm a bit confused..... I am doing ss+ and after my first week at weigh in last night, I lost almost 11lbs. I was in ketosis nicely, I've stuck to the diet 100%, but today I've just peed on my stick and it is beige! I am no longer in ketosis.

For the meals I do not devaite from the list and only have what I am supposed to. Last night I had cottage cheese for the first time, but it was low fat and it is on the list........

Any ideas?

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Gone fishing
but today I've just peed on my stick and it is beige! I am no longer in ketosis.
Please don't worry. Just because the stick is beige, doesn't mean you aren't in ketosis.

Ketosis happens in the blood and only shows on the stick is there's an overflow of ketones in the wee.

If it's any help, my sticks never showed pink once. I gave up on them in the end as I knew I was in ketosis.

Sure you'll be fine :)
As KD said above plus i found the best time to check for Ketosis is your first wee of the day as it is quite concentrated whereabouts during the day your wee should be quite diluted as we are drinking so much so wont have as strong result on the keostix. Thats my theory anyway! lol
Thanks you two! That's helpful...

Firstly KD you were obviously doing it right with your fab weight loss and maintance. And I think you are right YM04, I did only do it a while ago and I have druank alot today. Previously I have been doing it in the morning (first pee!). I'll see tomorrow.....