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Know It Alls


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I am sure that most of us know at least one!

I work with one who really makes my blood boil at times.
She is by no means tiny. She is actually a size 22 and the largest girl in our company BUT she knows it all and keeps telling the rest of us (who will listen) what to do about their weight!
She isn't doing anything about losing weight at the moment. In fact she sits and munches on all the wrong things so I can see she can only be gaining more weight.
That is her choice, of course, but it gets me when she puts down people that are making an effort and criticises various eating plans.
She told me that SW is rubbish, and there is no way people can lose weight eating the way we do! I showed her articles and pictures but she just won't believe it. Says it's a con!
She says she has dieted all her life and tried every diet known to man (not that it shows!) and the only was to lose weight is to count calories and drastically reduce food portions.
It is no wonder that her lettuce leaf and carrot diet only ever lasts a day or two!
I love it when I lose weight, and I always tell others at work. Everyone but her is always pleased for me. She just makes a snide comment or grunts!
When I have STS or had a gain she is quick to say "I told you it doesn't work!"
She does the same to a girl on WW.
I offered to bring her to class but she said she won't pay for such rubbish!
I am dying to get to my target to show her but knowing her, she will have something nasty to say!
She is totally negative about everything but thinks she is the only one right and the whole world is wrong!

Sorry for the rant but I feel loads better :)
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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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hi sonia,
i agree that makes my blood boil but you know what i reckon they are just jealous and they know you look good and they just dont want to admit it . keep going and maybe one day this girl will waken up ,sit up, and listen . xxx
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And when she does wake up and smell the coffee she may well end up on SW, then you will be much more supportive and she'll feel like the cow she is.


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One of the girls I work with , who is a big girl, says she put weight on with SW, and stuck to it 100%! Her consultant couldn't understand why she wasn't losing! She's being really supportive tho.


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You girls are right!
I would be more than happy to support and help her in any way but with her current attitude, it's difficult.
I hope she does wake up as she is a pretty girl and it's a pity she does'nt want to do anything about her weight.


Lover of Extra Easy
S: 11st8lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 1st2lb(9.88%)
One of the girls I work with , who is a big girl, says she put weight on with SW, and stuck to it 100%! Her consultant couldn't understand why she wasn't losing! She's being really supportive tho.
That's real pity. I know how she must feel as I feel down when I have a STS or weight gain and am sticking to it.
It happens but I think in the long term you can only lose, even if it is slow.
I guess it does'nt work for everyone, but it should work for most.
I am glad she is supportive. That's really nice!
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Maybe she will come around when you reach your target and can see how fab you look. Of course diets don't work if you don't put 100% into trying, that could be her downfall, she wants the overnight fix (don't we all) but you have to be realistic about it and dig in for the duration. She either does want to loose weight or is not quite in the right frame of mind to commit to it yet. Let her carry on doing it her way and she may well come round to seeing that your way is better in the end.


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Hi hun -

Sounds to be like a classic case of jealousy to me! She might have tried diets for years, but she isn't (from what you said) able to stick to them. She sees you can and others can and she is jealous.

She sounds like the type who'd say someone was too thin for losing weight too!

Ignore her and feel happy in the knowledge you're losing weight and doing it healthily xxxx


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Um...yeah I know someone a bit like that! She has done the Lighter Life diet, and Im sure for some ppl that works, but I can honestly say that if you PAID me I would not do that diet. She has lost about 3 stone in total, by just having these shakes everyday, although she lost half of her hair,her doc advised her against it, she had really bad breath, and she was so miserable whilst she was doing it it drove me INSANE!!!

So...now she has come off the diet and is eating now, she is putting all the weight back on, but thinks she knows EVERYTHING about dieting. She pretty much starves herself until about 2pm when she eats like a carrot or something. I have told her she doesn't need to be like that and that it;s not healthy, but she will not listen and is adamant that SW is a con, waste of money and doesn't work. Drives me mad....although I did feel really good the other day, when I used my syns for some mini-jaffa cakes, and she sat there and said "ooh, see people re-lapse if they are not on a strict diet plan!" to which I replied "oh no, I can eat these, that's fine!" ha ha. I LOVED her face!!!!

At the end of the day, you are the one loosing weight, and it will become apparant that she is wrong! Smile smugly as you tuck in to something yummy!! xx
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Theres always someone like her wherever you go ,they know deep down they are wrong ,because if she was right she wouldnt be a size 22 would she! Some people cant be told ,it will be killing her to see you losing weight:D


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Sounds like she is in denial.

I dont believe ppl who say they have tried everything and nothing worked. I used to be one of them, its my hormones, my glands, my bla bla but it was just me. Eating the wrong stuff and 'forgetting' just how many extras I had a day.

I think ppl in denial are infuriating as you want to help them or even just have them button it (lol) but they wont have any of it.

We know if we stick to plan we lose, ok so not all weeks are the same and yes we do have weeks when we have been perfect and not alot if anything has come off - but with persistence it DOES come off long term.

You will just have to lead by example! She cant argue it doesnt work when you are slinking around the office in new size clothes looking super HOT!


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That is true Cherryade!
Amazing the excuses that do come out!
I have sworn that I am not going to buy any new clothes until I get to the size I feel more comfortable, hopefully a 10! No matter how long it takes, I will wait and then parade in the office!! :D:D
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it does sound like she's in denial and that's she's jealous of your success. It can be so demotivating to be around people like that, it can feel that they're zapping your good feelings from you, but it seems that you rise above it all - which is a credit to you!

Maybe she does truely feel like she's tried it all - I will be the first to admit that I was sceptical of SW when I first considered going on it - and my OH didn't believe it would work for a minute. But it does work as most of the people on this forum agree.

When you've been dieting forever and nothing seems to work, it can tarnish your view of diets - and you can feel that they're all the same and don't work - or that you have a 'slow metabolism' like none of us has ever said that - lol, but it does sound like this person needs to open her mind and stop raining on your parade!


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I agree it sounds like she's just jealous because you are losing, if it didn't work none of us would be here raving about our losses would we?
I too was sceptical and couldn't see how it would work until I read a few magazines cover to cover and thought, well if they can do it, why can't I? I think my OH was sceptical too and unsupportive when I first started as he said "you only lose weight by eating less and exercising more" but as he's seen the weight drop off me week by week I think he's coming round to the idea, asking me what my target is and how much I need to lose and even got me some Quark the other day so he could have some Cheesecake! He's started watching what he eats a bit more too, although doesn't Optimize...yet!
I agree that you do have to be in the right mindset, I was in denial for a long time, and only now can I see just why I was gaining weight.
When this girl at work sees how fab you look at your target and that it IS achievable she'll soon come round!


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Sounds like an energy sapper to me. Best to just avoid.


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I know someone (who has never dieted in her life and doesn't need to) who always tells me that the ONLY way to lose weight is to cut out rice, pasta, bread and potatoes from your diet!
She can see I've lost weight, and she knows how much I've lost, and yet won't acknowledge that I know what I'm doing! *grrr*


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I think my OH was sceptical too and unsupportive when I first started as he said "you only lose weight by eating less and exercising more"
This is half true. You will only lose weight by eating less CALORIES, one bar of chocolate can have the same calories as a packet of pasta! Slimming World has just found a fabulous and long term way of eat less calories :D

People confused calories with size. You could put a days worth of calories in a mug or in a bathtub show room - depends what you eat :p


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She's probably unhappy and angry with herself, but transferring it all outwards and so she takes it out on people who do seem to be doing what she just isn't prepared to knuckle down and do herself. Some people would rather waste all their energy making excuses rather than just sorting out their lives. Her anger and b!tchy remarks are her own defense mechanism to distract her attention from her own self loathing. If she can concentrate on everyone else, she doesn't have take responsibility for herself. Sad really, but she sounds like she's miserable and full of self loathing. Try not to take it personally. She's just lashing out. Though, if it got too much, you could probably shut her trap if you just politely pointed out that she should follow her own diet advice rather than eating garbage like she does. Silly moo.


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Ignore this woman. She is only jealous. It's a shame she can't listen to your good advice, but that choice is hers. Don't waste your time worrying about it. xx

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