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Knowing When To Stop


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Back in April when I began dieting, my initial weight target was 9st 7. I was so happy to meet this in June, but as I approached the last few pounds I started thinking how nice it would be to get down to 9st so I set myself another target. I decided to let myself have a weekend off, with my OH's parents coming round. I've had a takeaway, pub meal, chocolates, the lot & my stomach feels like it can't take anymore! :eek:

Anyways, I've had quite a few comments over the weekend about how I shouldn't lose anymore weight, because I will begin to look frail. I am about 9st 3 (probs more like 5 after the weekend :eek:) and 5"5 with a BMI of around 21-22.

Part of me feels like when I get to 9st I still won't be happy, whereas the other half feels like I will be letting myself down if I don't reach my ultimate target.

Right from the beginning my motivation was to get down to pre-uni weight and I've accomplished this. I'm in two minds whether to listen to advice or to carry on with my goal.

Feeling quite confused right now, but hey, at least I'm not depressed at how much I've eaten over the weekend!
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I know what you mean. When I started this eating-healthy-for-life resolution on May 1st last year, part of my plan was to not weigh myself, just to go by the tape measure and how I felt. If I had a rough mental target, it was 10 stone. Then curiosity got the better of me in February of this year, and I hopped on a pair of scales thinking I'd still be a long way from 10 stone. I was shocked to find I was under it. I still didn't feel like I'd reached the place I wanted to be, though. I think that around 9 stone 2 is what personally works for me. As it's summer, though, I'd like a little breathing space in terms of weight so that when I gain some over the winter months I won't panic too much. I plan to eat a fair bit more in the colder months, mostly for warmth and to ward off all manner of virusy nastiness! There's no way I'm living on salads (lovely as they are) in December.

I think you just have to go by how you personally feel. I wouldn't let other people dictate to you what your weight should be, or how you should regard yourself. Self-contentment has to come from the inside, I guess, not from other people's views or comments, whether they're negative or positive.

I weighed myself today and found I was 1.5 lbs away from my target. It did strike me how absurd it was to have such an arbitrary number, but then again, it does keep me focused, and I don't think it's a bad thing to weigh a little less in the hot, stickier months.

How do you feel about yourself now? That's the big question. Do you feel like you've achieved your goals? Do you feel healthier? Happier? Still craving some vague goal you can't put your finger on? It's difficult to analyse yourself, I know, but might help to sit down and have a think about it!
Im a long way off this dilema, but it makes for interesting reading x
I'm in the same situation, my scales are far lower than I imagined they would be. For the past two months i've stopped actively losing weight, in that I eat healthily but not as obsessively as before (I was on CC) and I have actually found that by doing this i've lost quite a bit more weight, moreso than I had been doing in the weeks before.

I say relax your diet, but don't go back to your old ways (you seem to be similar to me here because I can no longer handle the stodgy or rich foods as well as I used to). You may find you lose more weight, but your body will find a comfortable number for itself eventually. Stopping 'dieting' does not always stop weight loss! Well done on your achievements, and don't worry about what everyone else thinks, this is about you only.


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Right from the beginning my motivation was to get down to pre-uni weight and I've accomplished this. I'm in two minds whether to listen to advice or to carry on with my goal.
You set out in the beginning with a goal in mind and you have now achieved this which is absolutely a wonderful success!

Well done:happy096:

Do you really want to put extra pressure on yourself just now by moving the goal posts as this could easily set you up for failure.

My advice would be to claim what you have achieved and work at maintaining this weight for now and lets say for instance in a few months time review how you feel.

Losing weight is one part of the equation...maintaining is a whole new ball game.

When you go into maintaining mode you often fine you lose more inches as you tone up and your skin shrinks to fit the new body size. And as lemony has said you still might lose weight as well, as often is the case.

Love Mini xxx


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Thank you all for the advice! Its amazing how things come together when you ask for other peoples opinions.

I'm definatly thinking I need to relax & see how it goes. I jumped on the scales tonight & I've lost just under 1 pound thanks to a weekends diet of takeaways and a good helping of chocolate yesterday so I am extatic!

I've just got to focus on the fact that I've never felt this good about myself in years and I need to relish in this. Ideally I would like to lose those few last pounds, but I'm really hoping I will start to enjoy myself now rather than living my life counting calories.

P.S Thank you to the person who repped me for this thread!


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I know how you feel. I wanted to be 9 stone for ages but know I am here I think I can stand to lose another half a stone. My family all say I look too thin mind, but I want to be happy in myself.

Hope you get to where you are happy and congratulations on the loss so far xxx
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Angi, thank you. Kinda reasuring to know its not just me who is going through the same issue! I think most people diet for so long that it becomes such a habbit which is hard to crack.

Congratulations on the weight loss too!

yes where do you stop. I'm around 13 1/2 stone. I didn't really have a target weight initially, not until I found the diet was working. I stopped and went into maint as my wife was complaining that I was looking scrawny, this was at 13 stone. I put on a few pounds at first in maint and now I'm pretty stable mainly.

I didn't feel scrawny at 13 St and I'm pretty sure I could go even lower, but all my family think I look good now so I'll stay here.


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Angi, thank you. Kinda reasuring to know its not just me who is going through the same issue! I think most people diet for so long that it becomes such a habbit which is hard to crack.

Congratulations on the weight loss too!
I know what you mean about the habit. I have been so obsessed with dieting for so long, I don't know what to do with all the spare time I might have if I relax too much!

Also I don't know about you but when I got to goal I just didn't feel as thin as I thought I would. It just wasn't enough somehow. I can't explain it and I think I may need to spend some time letting my head catch up with the changes in my body

You've got it there angy, "It's all in the head"


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You've got it there angy, "It's all in the head"
It's spot on isn't it?

I for one, never once considered the psychological aspect of reaching goal at all during my journey. I guess I thought I would get there and 'yay' job done, get on with life.

I know the real journey begins now and whilst it scares me, I wouldn't give the achievement away for anything. I have got here in one piece and with some brain tweaking I can go all the way for the rest of my life.

I always knew I needed my 'head read' ;)


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I think think you're right about letting your head catch up angy. When i look in the mirror i still see a size 16 me, but, i'm wearing a pair of size 10 jeans and i bought a size 10 skirt last night. I've still got a few pounds to lose and an exercising so who knows, i might get to a size 8. Then i'll know its definitely time to stop.

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