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Kraze saying ello ^^ looking for buddies =]

Name~ Kiira Kraze (add me on facebook should you wish).
Age~ 24 years young =P.
Location~ UK.

About me?!~ Im a fun loving 24 year old girl with a dream to be happy beyond what i know now. i love making new friends and having a laugh.. i am usually described as the "joker" in a group because i love making people have a good time and enjoy themseleves. i have a bizare sence of humor.. and i do not fit the "a fat girl" i am fat yes.. curvy or whatever you want to call me but thats not all there is to me. I like debating and discussing things that interest me such as.. War,Politics, Current affairs, News... random things from tv programmes .. anything really , if you can hold up a real convo without the words "sex""cyber" and "naked" then come and chat =]... im not into sexual things via a comp and im certainly not up to meet random people for one night two nights or similar i am all about building friendships and learning. i live alone and currently work in customer service.. i have a good telephone voice some say HAHA....I love festivals/partys and also love the idea of camping.. old building interest me and i feel most at home walking in the dead of the night.. i have three places i wish to visit in the world more then anywhere..alcratraz the maz secrurity prison in san fransisco , the secret annex musuem , Autzwitch concentration camp , i also have the desire to go to normandy and visit the war momorials... yes i do have a keen interest in the world wars and history.

LIKES~~ music , reading , the news , art , anime , gaming , the gym (yupp i do go
).. walking ... the sea , rain , thunder , dogs , dragons , tattoos , piercings... anything a lil different... i love people that can be themseleves and a lil crazy.. people that aint afraid to break the mold of society..

DISLIKES~ boredom , cheaters , lies , malious ideas , terrorisim , steriotypes (although we all do it). Narrow minded people and those that gain from others. i hate robbie williams lol hes so arrogant.

MY take on todays life.... i really think that we as people are to greedy and that we complain others such as goverment for all teh bad things happening , its easy to blame others for things that happen , but i reckon if we all took a bit of the responsibility for things then it would be a better place... i believe that we fought wars to be free but i dont think we live free , we are dictated to about how to live almost in everything we do... i think capital punishment is silly , who says two wrongs should make a right... but yeah i have strong views on many things and i like to debate them.


so yeah i just joined and im looking to meet open and honest people to have a chat giggle and get to know..


ps= i did join this forum months back but kinda lost my way.. since then i have embarked on a journey and not turned back im down 2 stones since january. i workout every single day and love it.. sometimes its hard so i thought joining back and being around posistive people would keep me focussed. =].:rolleyes:
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Hi Kraze and welcome to minimins! Have you only just started posting?


...we're sinking deeper.
Welcome Kraze! I wish you luck on your journey!
What diet are you doing? And what sort of music do you like?
I like your "places to visit" list, one of mine is to go see Chernobyl :D That would be awesome.

And you look so much younger than 24!! Lol :p
Well , no i posted in this section and in the surgery section about 5 months back (im guessing the length). but doctor declined my request for surgery and i slumped to a all time low... now im glad i didnt have surgery because i know i can do this myself.

nice to meet you and i LOVE your sig.
Minerva hii :).
Thankyou i feel old but people say i look young its okay at times :p.
i love rock , indie , goth , oldies , chart stuff... hmm a bit of everything really.. i have some embarrsing tunes amongst my collection sshhh,, lol..

i'm not doing a diet as such i am on Xenical tablets via the doctor and im sticking to a strict low fat diet..
I go to the gym every day and walk between 2-5 miles daily i also do 30-90 mins of dvd workouts each day..LOL.. im not obsessed i promise im just trying to make it happen you know. x


...we're sinking deeper.
It is of course possible to diet by yourself but it definitely helps to have someone to do it with! If I didn't have the constant weekly support of my LighterLife Counsellor I really don't know if I'd have stuck it out for as long as I have done...! :)

Nice to meet you too, I like your signature, you look like a really fun person! Though I must say I'm not a fan of the madonna piercing. Lol! And I will be dying my hair red very soon too. O_O Wonder if I'll look like a nutter. :)

Lol we all have some embarassing music in our collections, I believe I have some Backstreet Boys in there somewhere!! Hahah, nowdays I listen to metal/rock mostly. :)
Well its nice to meet you ^^.
i like some metal but not too heavy i love the band THE CURE.. you prob heard of them :p..

Red hair rocks... your sig picture is just so freakin kool... you look realllllllly good. well done..

So hmmm can i buddy up with ya? exchange some motivation with each other from time to time... ?.


...we're sinking deeper.
So hmmm can i buddy up with ya? exchange some motivation with each other from time to time... ?.
heheh of course. I'll add you on facebook, I always check that. :D ... but I can't find you o.o ..
search for Kiira Kraze on the manchester network..
whats your name on FB ill look you up incase you cant add me.


...we're sinking deeper.
search for Kiira Kraze on the manchester network..
whats your name on FB ill look you up incase you cant add me.
Can't really find a Kirra Kraze. :(
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There are no results for you. Make sure all words are spelt correctly

hmmm facebook playing up? do you have the email addy you signed up with i could search for that?.
yup done. :) ill try adding you now.
it seems that i cant add you , it just wont find you.
thanks irene hun im doing better this time :)

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