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Ktcymru Fasting for Freedom!

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by ktcymru, 19 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. ktcymru

    ktcymru Well-Known Member


    So this is it, 2014 & I'm 32 & still overweight.
    I've tried it all but nothing has stuck, yoyo should be my middle name! It stops now. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year which along with my PCOS goes some way to explain my state of mind (& body) these last few years. I find exercising regularly quite difficult due to the pain my body feels on a normal day but no excuses as yoga & meditation are slowly starting to help

    Just after Christmas I was chatting to my Dad about how my weight had started really upsetting me, I was 17st 9lb the heaviest I've ever been, I hate buying size 20 clothes :-( He had just read an article about intermittent fasting and was planning on doing it himself to shift a bit of Christmas weight. I looked into it and thought it sounded like a good plan for me too.
    So since January the 6th I've been sticking to 500cals on Mon, Wed & Thurs and eating smaller healthier portions on the other days. I refuse to call them feast days as my personality just doesn't suit that lol!!

    I use MFP to track my food & exercise, I love lists so counting cals appeals to me. Strange I know!

    Anyway 2 weeks down & I'm loving it & plan to keep it up so I thought to help my accountability I'd start my diary on here as I know how much it helps.

    So far I've lost 16lb & hoping that another lb or 2 have come off when I weigh in tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed!
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  3. ktcymru

    ktcymru Well-Known Member


    Just weighed in & another lb off, I'm happy with that! Clothes are feeling a bit looser too which is great :)
    Woke up feeling exhausted & achy so going to give my body a chance & rest a little this morning. Starting to learn how to deal with this Fibro now.

    Fast day today so food planned is
    Chicken & Leek Soup - 96
    Slow cooker Lemon Chicken & Cous Cous - 408 Black Coffee x 2 - 4 Total - 508

    The lemon chicken is last nights leftovers, delicious too! So no cooking today, very lazy.
    Last edited: 20 January 2014
  4. ktcymru

    ktcymru Well-Known Member

    Freezing cold again today! Frost does make everything pretty but brr!

    No fast today so...
    Frozen fruit - 52
    Yogurt - 54

    Ryvita - 132
    Laughing Cow - 50
    Grapes - 13

    Chunky Beef Chilli - 377
    Sour Cream - 78
    Jacket Potato - 150

    Might treat myself to a couple of mini meringues later too :)

    Total - 982

    Still under my goal of 1,200 cals even with a treat.
    Hope tomorrow goes ok, fasting at college is tough!
    Last edited: 21 January 2014
  5. ktcymru

    ktcymru Well-Known Member

    Ok today was a fail!
    Ended up helping out a friend, all day on no food with a fair bit of work meant I caved BUT while they had chicken, chips & gravy I did manage to resist & have a healthier roast chicken breast with potatoes. However these were mashed with butter & milk I'm guessing by the delicious taste!!

    Roughly 1,170 cals EEK!!

    Making tomorrow a less calorific day than planned to make up for it. Although I did do a fair amount of exercise today which should help. I hope!!

    Roll on tomorrow :)
  6. ktcymru

    ktcymru Well-Known Member

    Well after yesterday today's plan in a decent fast!

    Planning on quorn pasta bolognese for tea tonight which should come on at roughly 432 cals Will check as I cooked on exact calories by weight etc. need a good day today & tomorrow as we are off out for a family meal on Saturday & it'd be nice to relax the counting a bit!

    Horrid weather out there so looks like a day indoors today.

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