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Kunsters Dairy(oops i meant diary)

Basically im aiming to loose some weight and tone up, become more mascular - possible six pack for summer and most importantly improve my fitness for a 10k charity marathon im running in august. ive never tried any diets, and i dont want to either.. the simple technique im using is calorie counting(1,500 per day) and cardio excercising(3times a week) and weight lifting(3times a week - x rest day)

My history

Ive manage to drop 21lbs since (24th august) so i think im doing quite good..
Finally, my aim to reach 11 and half stone(160lbs) then put on muscle but thats too be continued...... by end of febuary...

Start Weight - 14st 6lbs
Current Weight - 13st 0lbs
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ooh hello.. im 20 too.. 20 year olds kick ass i think.. =p..

good use of brackets.. can never have too many.. =).. lol..

Look forward to reading more..

Hi there, kitteh... i feeel old lol, i remember being 18.. it was so cool, wow nearly 4,000 posts.. impressive.. im more of a browser then a poster!

But anyways guys, here goes my weekly weight in's (roughly thursdays but im times im quick to jump on the scales.. p.s these are recorded on my phone)

24th August - 202p

30th August - 199p

4th September - 197p

11th September - 192p

18th September 191p

25th September 189p

2nd October 187p

9th October - 186p

16th October - 185p

23rd October - 182p

:) smiley facee
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Hey guys, thought id take the time to update, went back up 1lb this week (weight in was on wednesday) but ive managed to drop that off now.. have to admit i went of track but im back in routine now.. hoping for a 3lb drop by this time next week.. only 10days to dublin, gonna get my ticker and sig sorted in a while.. :)
Well done for getting back into your routine..!! if you can do that.. you can do anything =)
whatcha doing in dublin? i <3 Dublin!!

x x
Hi guys, on my lunch break at work, id like to report a 3lb loss this week, down to 12st 12lbs wheeyyyy!! Any support welcome cus ive had only replies from one person.. wheres the support? :D
Hey guys, was weight in today, was happy to report a 1lb loss :) I was expecting to put on atleast 1lb or STS as ive been to Dublin and drank stupid amounts of beer, also been eating kebabs and take aways for most the week, only got back into routine on tuesday! Eaten healthy today so far, fruit for breakfast, 1 black coffee and a ham and tomato sandwich for lunch! So anyway my weight stands at 12st 11lb at this very moment :)

Really need to rethink my targets this week, was originally aiming for around 12st 6lb but im still not happy with my body shape but loving the improvements, also recieved quite alot of compliments last friday! Ive noticed my confidence levels have been increasing aswell but im only about half way to my goal! Will update soon, all comments and advise welcome!
Hey guys, quick update.. weighted in at work today.. down 2lbs :)

I now weight 12st 9lb! Also extending my target to 11st now.. Went shopping yesterday.. even tho the cloths fit much better i realised that to get to the look i want ive still got a long way to go.. right back to work now.. bye guys!
Hey peeps, had the weekly weight in today, the persons who scales i use at work has left the company so new set of scales, according to them im 12st 11lbss so that means 2 lbs up, but its alrite because im gonna be using these scales from now, gonna update my ticker now, my xmas target seems unrealistic now (12st) so im gonna change that to 12st 4lbs :)
Hi guys, weekly weight in update, not that any1 replies lol.. Dropped 1lb this week which isnt too bad, started off the weeek really well.. had my first food binge in 3 months yday..

It consisted off 3 kit kat chunkys, 4 packets of crisps, a croissant and loads of sweets.. i skipped dinner. It was a one off and i enjoyed it lol.

Back to healthy eating today, so fat had a banana and 2 oranges for brekkie, 2 cups of coffee with sweetner, a weight watchers cake, for dinner i had jacket patato with tuna mayo and a can of diet coke.

Aim of 12st 4lbs seem out of reach but im gonna stick to it, hoping to be 12st 8lbs by a xmas do this time next week. cya all!
Hi guys, weighted in today -

Few changes - Im now changing weight in day to sunday at home with no clothes as that shows a more accurate reflection of my weight, so according to them scales im 12st 2lbs, will update later this evening, tc all!

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