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Labradour nipping


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what happens to make her nip? Is it when she's chasing you, playing? Or it is the puppy mouthing? What do you do when she nips? What have you tried so far? :)


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It sounds like puppy mouthing - it can quite a long time for some pups to learn bite inhibition. Whenever our lab puppy (5 months) nip I yelp loudly and look crossly at her. I then ignore her until she is calm again and then I quietly praise her. She mainly nips when I first come downstairs in the morning or when I come back in from having been out. It's much better now than it was a few weeks ago but it's still a daily occurrence. My favourite leggings have been mended more times than I care to think about...:(

Also, if it's got worse recently then she might be teething as they go through a second teething period when they are around 8-9 months old I think...

With Molly (our other lab) was a rescue and came to us at 7 months old. She was nipping for quite a few months, especially when excited but gradually she grew out of it and she stopped nipping when she was just over a year old I think.

Personally I think yelping and then ignoring is the best way of teaching them that it's undesirable behaviour but time is the best cure for this I think...


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Hi ladies thanks for your replies. Yes it's when she gets excited she tends to nip and mouth. She'd nearly take your arm in her mouth. She doesn't hurt us usually an odd nip can be sore though. And the jumping is un real. I'm going to try the yelp and ignoring. I ve tried closing her mouth and saying a firm no. Which worked with our terrier. Ive tried putting her out when she dies it too.
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Hi, good advise from above, as puppies the mums/siblings will squeal if hurt, so its kind of that you are replicating. Some times if the pups were taking early from the mother (any thing earlier than 8 weeks...longer for smaller dogs) they dont really learn the behaviour.

When playing try and ensure its with toys, balls tuggies etc. I know some people like to play fight with their dogs but i'm not a fan as dogs dont understand when they can play bite when you are expecting it and not ;) Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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