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lack of willpower/motivation

I have tried several diets in the past - weight watchers and slimming world and I've found that whilst I do really well at the start after a few months I begin to fall and loose interest...I don't know if its cause I get fed up of the food or I just think I've got the hang of it or what...

I set goals and try to achieve them but I get bored easily. I am usually at home during the day but I cant cook to save my life and I get bored of salads and repeatedly eating the same thing. I also find that I get easily distracted, ie if I'm due to go to the gym on my own I'l find something else to do at home to avoid going.

Can anyone help me with some good motivational tips to help me?

please :)
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Hiya Hannah

I do a newsletter at www.nowillpowerrequired.co.uk which might help you?

For me it is all about getting your head in the right place and then the diet just kind of works behind it because you are happy to be slim.

Understanding the lonely/boredom thing is absolutely key to long term maintenance!

thanks for the quick reply.
I think i need something like this to help me :)
For me I was a BIG boredom and comfort eater, and for me it was all about eating to forget the real problems of not liking myself and wanting to be by myself for that reason.

When I finished Cambridge that problem came home to me much louder which is why I am passionate that people deal with the other stuff in their lives at the same time as a good, safe, healthy diet.

I thought happy meant slim and it blew up in my face when I realised it wasn't true but now finally I am happy then being slim is just part of that life (not sure that made sense lol)

yeah i understand you :)
thank you for the help
it is hard, but for me i had a problem with over eating, it was mostly too many sandwiches and chocolate i ate ..anyway i became a little overweight so i joined a gym and started a diet but i had changed my lifestyle, i didnt have my grandmother living with me so, it made a difference, it worked i am now a healthy bmi and the overeating has mainly gone, now and again it comes, although i did want to get to target but i havent stuck to excersise and my weight does fluctuate.
If your at home most of the day then you probably need a structure to your day. Say maybe eat at set times and then do activities around these times so you don't get bored. At your gym, so you make sure you go, why not try to go to some classes, like kick boxing or pilates and aerobics? You will find you will be more encouraged to go if you have a set time to be there.. rather than just thinking "ill head up there later"

Cooking, is something you can learn. If you are at home a lot, why not take some of that time learning how to cook? maybe use a very basic cook book, one that teaches you right from the beginning?
The old fashioned cook books are great, because they even tell you how to crack an egg, or how to cut or peel fruit and veg.
Learning to cook would be so helpful for your motivation, because you could start trying new recipes, and you'll know exactly what ingredients are in your food. Plus, food always tastes better when you've made it yourself from scratch ;)

I learnt to cook by trial and error, just remember, if you burn your food or something doesn't turn out like it's supposed to.. it doesn't matter.. just keep trying.


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Hi Hannah,
I feel that "dieting" or healthy eating, whatever you want to call it, is a bit like giving up drugs, drink or smoking but having to have a little bit of your "drug" every day (obviously you cant stop eating) - making it even harder, of course.

But you HAVE to be in the right mind set to do it. You have to get to your personal rock bottom. For me it was going on holiday to Cornwall and not having the breath or energy to climb the hills there. When I got to the top I felt that my lungs were burning and that I was going to pass out - something HAD to be done. I was that unfit. So, for me, weight loss wasnt my main aim - it was health.

I find that if weight loss IS the main aim, when you do approach your goal you no longer have the motivation to stay on track because your quite happy with the weight your at. But if you do it for health it becomes ongoing, if that makes sense.

I also find reading these boards helps me a lot, its amasing how a day can just disappear when reading it so you actually forget about eating lol.

Good luck anyway x
Hey Hannah,

I know what you mean... I was there some time ago. It is actually hard to stick to something when you think like you are going to follow that for some fixed time.

It should be easier if you just thought like "i`m changing the way I live. For ever. These are my new habits, and I`m gonna stick to them until they naturally become my daily habits".

Of course, you should choose some healthy way to lose weight. And changing your habits to healthier ones is the first step.

Keep it up!

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