LActose/dairy free yoghurt + quark?


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Hi, I'm new and looking around there are some really great looking recipes but as my other half doesn't like tomatoes a lot of the recipes I want to try are based on very low fat yoghurt or quark.
I'm stunningly lactose intolerant (really, it's not pretty :rolleyes:) so I can't have these.
Can anyone think of alternatives that would be syn free?
Thanks for your help x
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Also looking for dairy free idea's,however I did find you can use alpro soya yogurt in some recipes and toffutti original cream cheese instead of quark ( these are syned though,but I'm still trying to work out how much).
good luck!!


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I don't think there are any syn free alternatives so you might just need to take a hit for the syns. It might be worthwhile looking into whether you can make make your own natural yoghurt using one of the lactose free milks. Can't say for sure whether that would work as you normally need to add probiotic yoghurt .


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I'm dairy free and only thing that's remotely ok is a hex a of soya milk. But soya/dairy free stuff isn't syn free I'm afraid xxx

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lowest yogs are asda lighter soya yogs at 2 and a half syns each.

Alpro soya unsweetened milk gives a good amout for your hex a

Tofu as a cheese/quark substitute?