lactose free mushroom soup


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Has anybody tried this, if so does it taste nice or nasty!!!!

Hi Jo

I've tasted this soup and I would say yes it does taste nice and I don't even like fresh mushrooms. I thought I would give it a try as the soups tasted better than I thought they would. Now I will have one a week, a good way to add variety with this diet.
I always liked the mushroom soup, to be honest it justs tastes like a basic mushroom cup a soup but is certainly nice and not nasty.

Mushroom is best

I think that of all the soups the mushrooms is best. The spicy tomato and chilli veg are just spicy and don’t do much for me and the veg is Ok, but how about putting some texture into their soups such as real mushroom pieces and real veg bits. One of the problems is that most CD ers get cravings for real food. What it’s about is this craving for smells and textures! The sad bit about CD is that they haven’t really tried to recognise some of their dieter’s problems and addressed them. Still if you stick with it it works, in my first 27 days I have lost 2 stone 6 llbs so a happy chappy, even one who treats himself every fortnight to a no carbs meal, so I can look forward to getting slim and staying that way.
I'm not overkeen on the mushroom soup, the mushroom flavour is fine if not very strong but the rest tastes sort of dusty to me, like it has weird stuff suspended in it.
Lactose Free Mushroom soup is my Savoury Saviour of CD. I love it. Had I have not discovered it I would have given up on CD a long time ago as I hated the Chicken and hated the Veg (this was before Oriental Chilli came out - yum yum). It's bar far the best of the soups in terms of texture and flavour and it thickens up nicely. I'd drink the soup in spite of the diet.

The bits in the soup makes the soup feel more 'real'.


Mushroom soup is the BEST..
I have it every other night, as i only like the chicken & mushroom and the mushroom..