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  1. Dietingdon

    Dietingdon Silver Member

    I asked my Dr for some Fybogel, to keep things moving, and he gave me lactulose. If I take this, will it effect my ketosis?
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  3. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    Its sugar so it knocked me out of ketosis quick smart when i took it! senna works best for me.
  4. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    Yep, lactulose will knock you out of ketosis, but if you're seriously bunged up already, it might be best to get unbunged and try not to worry too much about the ketosis thing. You'll still lose weight even if not in ketosis - just might need to deal with a few hunger pangs. But I find being constipated makes me hungry anyway, so no difference there... :)

    If you're looking at prevention rather than cure, I can recommend psyllium husks, Fibresure, Fibre89 and Fybogel (the plain kind, not the stuff with orange added). Don't take them all at once, mind. :) To ease things along, I can also highly recommend Dulcoease. Note that that's Dulcoease - not Dulcolax. Dulcolax is bisacodyl and can be a bit too intense for a VLCD. I've resorted to it when bunged and senna doesn't work, but God, it feels like having a baby...

    I shall now refer you to a KD post made a couple of weeks back where she says it all a lot better than I just did... :D

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