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Ladies hair cuts, how much do you pay & where do you go??

right gang,

I want to know how much a girl is willing to pay to get her bonce sorted out??

I wanna know....

1) How much do you pay, and for WHAT? ie, wash, cut, colour, blow..

2) Where do you go (salon name) any in LIVERPOOL would be good for me to know?

3) Are you happy with the result & cost??

I called a few salons yesterday and was quoted 3 different prices in each of them ( which I understand is for various stylist etc...)
Anyways, the cheapest for a cut and blow was £38, right up to £58.

so...... what do you pay........?

xx sj xx
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I am in the North-East of England

I pay £12 for a Cut & Blow Dry - fabulous value for money.

However, some salons in my area are charging £25-£45 for a Cut & Blow Dry, so I get off lightly!



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I am in the midlands and i pay £42 for a cut with a salon director at Toni & Guy

its way too much to be honest especially as I have to go every 5 weeks as my hair is VERY short and gets out of shape very fast

But its one of the few things i splurge on and feels so worth it as he is really the only person i have found who cuts it in the shape and with the texture i like

I am currently three weeks late with a cut ( roll on tomorrow!) and i feel like samson!


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I am in the South (work in Windsor) and pay £65 for a cut and blow dry and £150 for foil highlights.


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I'm down south too - CMACCA is spot on for the prices I pay. Your other option might be a mobile hairdresser??? They tend to be much cheaper and come to your home.


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I'm a real cheap skate and get my niece to cut my hair - she is a trained hairdresser and is now an NVQ assessor on the subject.

Anyway - she cuts my hair for free cos I'm such a fab auntie.:D I never get much done other than a cut as I have naturally curly hair and she refuses to do too much to it. She might have to start putting some colour on soon to hide the grey ha ha ha.

Sorry, I'm not much help am I?????


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i'm in Bournemouth & have no idea what salons charge. My hairdresser is also my best friend & a hair cut is free & my colour £20 !


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I'm in Buckley, North Wales, and I usually have a cut and colour (3 colours using foils) and it is about £55. I love the results. The salon is called Beverleys and I have a girl called Hayley...



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Well I am in London... go to Vidal Sasoon in the City (I would recommend any of their salons) and pay a whopping £125 for a cut and £225 for a full head of highlights... :ashamed0005:


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I'm in Bath and have recently had my barnet reviewed for £35 for a cut and blow dry. I think I paid about £50 for a half head of highlights. Why on earth are prices so different across the country???!! Vx


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I am in East Anglia and usually pay c£16-20 for a cut and blow dry and around £60-65 for a full head of foils (three colours) but this does cover the cut and blow dry too.

I usually get my bonce done at one of the city centre salons but one of my neighbours go's to a salon in one of the suburbs of Norwich and she had a full head of foils and a cut/blow dry and only paid £25 :eek:.

Needless to say I am booking my next haircut at the same salon my neighbour goes to ;).
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I'm in the North West and i use to go to a salon in Crewe where I had foil highlights, 2 colours, cut and blowdry for £75.00. Just found a lovely girl who works in a top salon locally - but does home visits on her day off and evenings. I had 2 colour foils - so did my daughter and we both had trims and wash and blow drys .... for £75.00 - bargain! and my daughter was pleased as I paid for hers too!
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Funny you should mention this Sophia Jo as I'm just off to get my hair cut in a minute! lol:D

I'm a real cheapskate when it comes to my hair - even though I shouldn't be lol! I've been going to the same hairdresser for yonks and just get a dry cut for around £8 and colour my hair at home every now and then. I have to explain that as my hair is so so so fine I hate everything that comes with a visit to the salon. The attention from the stylist, other customers and stylists etc; and would never get my hair washed in front of loads of other people.

The lady who cuts my hair understands this and is very sympathetic to my feelings. Having said that if I could ever actually bring myself to get a good cut and colour then I know it would make all the difference to my confidence. :D But my hair is naturally wavy too and no matter what hair cut I have it always tends to do it's own 'thing' when I've blow dried it anyway! lol:sigh:


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I think I pay around £20 for a wash and cut - never exactly sure of the indvidual price, as I take my kids along too!

If you want to save a bit of money, as for a wash and cut without the blow-dry. I have naturally curly hair, and always used to hate the way that hairdressers dried my hair (I usually leave it to dry naturally, as it goes frizzy after blow-drying - I then tend to straighten it, these days), so it eventually occurred to me that it was silly to be paying for a blow-dry that I didn't even like!
As far as i'm aware, not having your hair dried takes about £10 off the price. :)

Jo x

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I am a cheap skate when it comes to my hair too. I go to SuperCuts in the South and pay £15 for a wash and cut.
Mine is short, so it shouldn't cost me the earth. As for highlights etc, I have red hair, and my hair has all sorts of colours running through it.
I go to hair express in kings lynn, think there in most places though, I pay £27.00 for a cut/blo....
They wanted to charge me £ 110 to colour my hair from the blonde to red brown as they needed to put 2 colours on,( I did qualify years ago as a hairdresser) so I popped across to superdrug and bought the 2 colours for 1.97 each (on offer) and voila the colour is in the piccie !! I like it x x lol
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I pay £72 for a full head tint (1 colour) And cut, style and blow dry!
I really want to go blonde though but I dunno if they'll do it in my salon as I know it will involve doing loads to my hair and could ruin it!
Im just outside of Glasgow


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Mine costs either £8.00 for wet cut - she just damps it down, cuts, then dries/straightens.... or £20 if I go for a proper wash cut blow dry and my colour costs a fiver and bunch of flowers...!! I buy the colour for a fiver and my mate applies it - hence the flowers - oh and I give her tea too....

Personally I don't see the point in paying inflated city centre salon prices sometimes you definately pay for the name...- my hairdresser has over 20 years experience, always gives me a good cut and at the prices she charges is always fully booked...!


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Hi there Sophia Jo
Well 2 weeks ago i had foils lowest priced was 25 up to 60 , so i had 25 pound foils and that was also a cut and blow dry , i go to Harlow and she does my hair , i'm really happy i go to her house . But i took my daughter to snobs , and just a wet cut was 13:95 shes 4 years old . But toni & Guy well they are shocking prices and really my sister used to go there and i thought why are you paying so much . Its best to find someone who you are happy with and keep them !!! My sister went to snobs saturday had the junior for cut and blow dry and straighted for 15:95 looked nice !!


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Also we have over in hitchin creative image hairdressing salon thats where they learn at college todo hair , have you got one near you ? dry cut ladies 2:50 , wash and blow dry 3:00 , wash cut and blow dry 5:00 . scalp and conditioning short 3:00 i had that done this year as my mates daughter is in her second year . Top chic/ Acid colorance full head short 11:00 , full head medium 13:00 full head long 16:00 . Foils wraps Hi Lo lights full head short 15:00, full head medium 18:00 full head long 25:00 . T section 15:00 partial head short 10:00 partial head medium 12:00 and long 14:00 . colour Hi Lo lights cap 15:00 , Blwach Hi Lo lights cap 15:00

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