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ladies .. i have a problem....

On the tops of my legs i have lots of black heads and gets reacuring boils, all the doc ever gives me are antibiotics and hibi scrub...!!

well apart from my big legs and tummy the black heads and scars from boils etc are really getting me down, i realy cover up during intimicy (sp)

can anyone reccomend any microdermabration kits for home use?

and does anyone else suffer with this?
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If you are like me the boils will clear up on this diet, I have been clear for two years, after years of suffering with them and nothing worked, this diet has been the only thing to work for me. Bio oil will help fade the scars.

The blackheads are blocked ducts have become plugged with the oily secretions called sebum that when exposed to the air turn dark in colour.

From experience of dealing with blackheads on my face it is best not to be too rough when exfoliating, a clean face cloth is rough enough as it is very easy to irritate the skin and this is the last thing you want to do especially when you are prone to boils...use an oily soap like dove to cleanse the area and use body moisturiser afterwards. The moisturiser will help with softening the blackheads already there and prevent new ones.

If after six weeks you see no results I think you probably be best advised to see a dermatologist.

Love Mini xxx
awe thanks for the replys

doctors wont refer me , i have been to many, the thing is i have lost lots of weight butt hey still coming up.. they have well past being squeezed cus the skin has grown over most.. its horrible so embaressing.. i am unable to put bio oil on as i use hibi scrub daily and not allowed to put anything else on tops of my legs (not even soap)

need microdermabration as adviced from a beauty therapist but its so expensive i might aswell get a home kit.. but which one i dont know.. i have seen one in argos for £99 crystel one use for the face but hoping it will work for tops of my legs... i hate them i feel so ashamed to of let myself get like this.. :(


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Hey you've got nothing to be ashamed of! You didn't ask for this problem, it's not your fault at all.
I have a similar problem with my arms, and a nervous habit of picking them, so they just end up getting worse...:(

I've found some microdermabrasion crystals on ebay, you add them to cream I think and rub your affected areas with it. I might buy some and let you know how it turns out, they are only a couple of pounds!

I think with this diet our skin will clear up, as we won't be absorbing as many toxins through food. Chin up!
awe thanks

i was looking on ebay too and found a few.. but i would rather use electrical so it gets in deeper and rougher if you get me..?

i got a few under my arms on my left boob too... i let oh take care of them but not tops of my legs just to ambaressing.. :(


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MY friend used to get them underneath and in her groin. The gp said it was cos she shaved and got folliculitis. I'm sure your gp has got an obligation to you to get referred to a dermatologist if you have had this a while, especially now its affecting intimacy etc. Try to see another gp in the practise and stamp your feet!


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...Off Topic,,,,but i notice Foreverhope..we have lost almost the same and need to lose almost the same I will be keeping my eye on you!

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